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Pregnancy to term. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pregnancy to term. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pregnancy 50
Meaning of the dream: birth of a child or next re-establishment of health

good pregnancy 16
Description: aspirations fulfilled

complicated pregnancy 64
Interpretation of the dream: lure offers

painful pregnancy 43
Translation: you are very in love with someone

term 27
Dream description: many troubles await

short maturity 8
Meaning: personal progress

municipal district 27
Translation of the dream: not be able to get by

see someone run 77
Interpretation: novelty

postwar period 42
Sense of the dream: missed connections

high-sounding phrase 45
What does it mean: scruples exaggerated

be rejected at maturity 15
Meaning of the dream: do not you think you deserve your social position

expiration of a Payment 39
Description: great aspirations

holiday period 89
Interpretation of the dream: many obstacles to your project

expiration of a contract 18
Translation: contrasts in the work

period of closure 36
Dream description: dissipation, danger of death

the period of the Renaissance 81
Meaning: yet many things are not surfaced

see the pill 70
Translation of the dream: you re frantically searching for a remedy

spit the pill 35
Interpretation: feel useless the advice you are given

drug pill 37
Sense of the dream: love of work

load barrels 80
What does it mean: good health

load stone 65
Meaning of the dream: disinterestedness

load straw 80
Description: a lot of movement

swallow the pill 7
Interpretation of the dream: you have to find the strength within you

load bags 65
Translation: old problems to be solved

calming pill 54
Dream description: serious thoughts and worries

swallowing a pill 78
Meaning: you re worried about your health

Easter lamb 6
Translation of the dream: great future

pills loose 56
Interpretation: Company courageous

taking the pills 8
Sense of the dream: indiscretion of a woman

gestatorial chair 55
What does it mean: godsend

miller with load 79
Meaning of the dream: faithfulness

pills in tubes 48
Description: indecision

gild pills 37
Interpretation of the dream: sudden loss

give pill to someone 80
Translation: you have bad ideas in my head

purge with pills 8
Dream description: change of position

take the sleeping pill 17
Meaning: danger of deceit

buy sleeping pill 88
Translation of the dream: mild illness

their dog barking 5
Interpretation: help from someone close

a dog barking unknown 70
Sense of the dream: threat of danger

barking of a watchdog 20
What does it mean: good news

dormer empty or used as storage 48
Meaning of the dream: hatred secret

abandoned by her boyfriend 37
Description: triumph over enemies

to break down 37
Interpretation of the dream: your wealth will decrease

demolition of homes 27
Translation: successful combination

embellishing a church 84
Dream description: setback

watering hole with oxen 54
Meaning: next aid

watering hole with horses 68
Translation of the dream: interesting journey

watering hole with poultry 81
Interpretation: deception of friends

dressing with care 88
Sense of the dream: help to be given

dress with neglect 89
What does it mean: enmity won