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Precious eggs. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream precious eggs. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

precious 32
Meaning of the dream: quarrels and ruptures

precious chalice 38
Description: need for reflection

precious hood 30
Interpretation of the dream: incoming letter

smuggling of precious 72
Translation: imprudence dangerous

precious object 3
Dream description: concerns

precious stone 58
Meaning: concern for a family

precious lace 35
Translation of the dream: irritability and impatience

loss of a precious 65
Interpretation: very sad period

precious amber 86
Sense of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

precious stamp 86
What does it mean: rough emotional situation

precious jewel 87
Meaning of the dream: amiability in contacts with others

precious medallion 76
Description: flexible mind

precious tapestry 77
Interpretation of the dream: discomfort and nervousness

precious painting 10
Translation: need advice

ring with precious stones 24
Dream description: protection not required

bracelet with precious stones 15
Meaning: willingness relentless

precious effects stolen 11
Translation of the dream: misery and bad managed

brooch with precious stones 77
Interpretation: provocation not collect

jewelry with precious stones 44
Sense of the dream: you have great ambitions and perhaps be able to realize them;

eggs 50
What does it mean: fertility and birth

see many eggs 63
Meaning of the dream: the wealth that you have to have deserved

buy eggs 2
Description: dangerous attachment

basket with eggs 40
Interpretation of the dream: welfare loss

hen with eggs 33
Translation: good inspirations

couple of eggs 75
Dream description: intrigue difficult to thwart

frying eggs 25
Meaning: idealism and confidentiality

whisk eggs 36
Translation of the dream: latent energies to be exploited

nest with eggs 63
Interpretation: economic security

collect eggs 9
Sense of the dream: shyness and fear

pan with eggs 6
What does it mean: love happy

Easter eggs 34
Meaning of the dream: success in work

fresh eggs 71
Description: good opportunities

rotten eggs 82
Interpretation of the dream: contrariness

eggs in the henhouse 81
Translation: profitable business

counting eggs 18
Dream description: encouraging news

breaking eggs 45
Meaning: sorrows

cook eggs 57
Translation of the dream: sincere feelings

drink eggs 6
Interpretation: favored career

plenty of eggs 23
Sense of the dream: moodiness short

omelet with eggs 62
What does it mean: optimistic outlook

fried eggs 4
Meaning of the dream: self-love

Stuffed eggs 7
Description: when you're at work you do not feel okay

pasta with eggs 9
Interpretation of the dream: dissatisfaction and sadness

see hens lay eggs 88
Translation: peace and contentment

chickens that make eggs 27
Dream description: gain

hard-boiled eggs 23
Meaning: good romantic relationships

take eggs from the chicken coop 19
Translation of the dream: welfare and prosperity