Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Pray abbey. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: pray abbey

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pray abbey 67
Meaning of the dream: consolations and joys

abbey 40
Dream Interpretation: desire for tranquility

enter the abbey 36
Meanings of dreams: honorable conduct

sit in Abbey 45
Dream Interpretations: sudden changes

speaking abbey 61
What does this mean: envies

Abbey decked 40
What does it mean: heritage countered

ruined abbey 19
Meaning of the dream: unexpected triumph

visit an abbey 55
Dream Interpretation: a woman you closer

abbey of monks 38

pray 82
Meaning of the dream: consolations and joys

pray to someone 20
Dream Interpretation: imprudence whose consequences will be disastrous

encourage others to pray 29
Meanings of dreams: happy coincidence

pray to the crucifix 88
Dream Interpretations: essay about

pray at the cemetery 80
What does this mean: esteem and recognition

pray at home 20
What does it mean: firmness in action

pray on their knees 23
Meaning of the dream: substantial improvements

pray fervently 18
Dream Interpretation: spiritual life fruitful

pray the Rosary 39
Meanings of dreams: idealistic aspirations

pray to god 23

pray to the Father 33

pray friend 66

pray wife 14

pray a higher 50

pray coffin of a relative 4
Meaning of the dream: deep pain that will determine a change of conduct

to pray for something, great and beautiful 12
Dream Interpretation: reputation

pray to the Virgin Mary 6

Abbess 11
Meaning of the dream: ambition, cunning

see Abbess 45
Dream Interpretation: desire for honors

Abbess in the monastery 68
Meanings of dreams: quiet life

Abbess in church 84
Dream Interpretations: interesting news

Abbess in seclusion 32
What does this mean: good deal

Abbess singing 6
What does it mean: ephemeral joy

Abbess eating 77
Meaning of the dream: waste substances

Abbess fleeing 13
Dream Interpretation: infidelity

Abbess sick 26
Meanings of dreams: denotes joy

Abbess dead 33
Dream Interpretations: reversal of fortune

abbess of a monastery bad 88
What does this mean: pleasure

talking with an abbess 22
What does it mean: novelties in business

prisoner praying 10
Meaning of the dream: overcoming difficulties

praying in the convent 74
Dream Interpretation: realization of desires

prayer beads 52
Meanings of dreams: efforts rewarded

say prayers 17
Dream Interpretations: health and happiness

prayer time 3
What does this mean: physical force

morning prayers 62
What does it mean: intense activity

evening prayers 17
Meaning of the dream: reasonableness and prudence

teach prayers 51
Dream Interpretation: position ensured

praying in church 22
Meanings of dreams: lasting serenity

praying in a whisper 27
Dream Interpretations: victory over rivals

stabbed treacherously 33
What does this mean: concerns on the rise

stabbed by a stranger 22
What does it mean: prejudices unnecessary

stabbed a stranger 35
Meaning of the dream: secret intentions

stabbed by known person 12
Dream Interpretation: damage and losses

stabbed in the chest 64
Meanings of dreams: commitments to be taken

stabbed in the arm 11
Dream Interpretations: sorrow for a child

stabbed in the leg 48
What does this mean: unfair competition

prayer 49
What does it mean: quiet soul and joy

accommodate a prayer 35
Meaning of the dream: fortune