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Pour wine. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pour wine. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pour wine 30
Meaning of the dream: sudden sorrow

pour 35
Description: throw away your energy

pour water 51
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows

pour broth 66
Translation: poor health

pour coffee 68
Dream description: displeasure

pour oil 28
Meaning: waste of money

pour a rhubarb 23
Translation of the dream: discouragement and punishment

pour the ladle 68
Interpretation: joyful expectation

pour a liqueur 20
Sense of the dream: economic loss

pour alcohol 27
What does it mean: unjust attitude

pour vinegar 7
Meaning of the dream: need for caution

pour ink 3
Description: physical fatigue

pour paint 54
Interpretation of the dream: slight accident

pour liquor 21
Translation: heated discussion

pour Petroleum 46
Dream description: excessive claims

pour salt 75
Meaning: family trouble

pour holy water 16
Translation of the dream: vain aspirations

pour cold water 74
Interpretation: joyfulness family

pour hot water 10
Sense of the dream: health hazard

pour rubbing alcohol 76
What does it mean: agreements fruitful

wine 21
Meaning of the dream: absolute boredom

old wine 50
Description: efforts of will to be done

new wine 85
Interpretation of the dream: favorable relationships

plenty of wine 88
Translation: slander

abhor wine 14
Dream description: cheerfulness

water in wine 44
Meaning: economies needed

buy wine 12
Translation of the dream: Luckily the game

drown in wine 17
Interpretation: Doom

cruet with wine 48
Sense of the dream: intransigence in love

barrel with wine 47
What does it mean: merry events

mug with wine 46
Meaning of the dream: next cheerfulness

mouthful of wine 18
Description: very specific ideas

bottle with wine 15
Interpretation of the dream: money refund

ewer with wine 64
Translation: resolutions postponed

barolo (wine) 11
Dream description: friendship

goodness of wine 86
Meaning: a situation initially happy you give sorrows

fall in wine 52
Translation of the dream: changes of opinion

carafe with wine 12
Interpretation: moral conquests

famine wine 50
Sense of the dream: enemy unmasked

strain wine 4
What does it mean: concerns falling

wine trade 50
Meaning of the dream: broken promises

consecrate the wine 76
Description: aspiration to command

counterfeit wine 1
Interpretation of the dream: continuous agitation

carboy of wine 16
Translation: personal affirmation

wine warehouse 78
Dream description: wise reflection

distribute wine 7
Meaning: economic well-being

bottle of wine 21
Translation of the dream: new achievements

filtered wine 26
Interpretation: program feasible

background wine 18
Sense of the dream: mortification unjust

barrel of wine 65
What does it mean: luck and profit

intoxicated with wine 80
Meaning of the dream: modest gains

wine shop 1
Description: drunkenness causes you trouble

bottle (wine or other) 55
Interpretation of the dream: novelty beautiful

wine stain 3
Translation: Friends liars

smell of wine 31
Dream description: fleeting euphoria

jar with wine 47
Meaning: events pleased

wineskin with wine 47
Translation of the dream: recalling joyous

bread in wine 64
Interpretation: disappointments

Wine stink 12
Sense of the dream: joy short-lived

wine merchant 6
What does it mean: comfort

fourth wine 8
Meaning of the dream: lack of sincerity

soften with wine 30
Description: pleasant news

ration of wine 14
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm fatuous

boil wine 75
Translation: joys family

reject wine 13
Dream description: report harmful

refreshing wine 48
Meaning: inconstancy in bonds

spilling wine 67
Translation of the dream: Deception submitted

fill of wine 6
Interpretation: exuberance and friendliness

shortage of wine 69
Sense of the dream: awkward encounter

frothing wine 9
What does it mean: new energy

splash wine 61
Meaning of the dream: courage and physical strength

stock up on wine 13
Description: quarrels with women

matchmaker wine 21
Interpretation of the dream: fighting spirit

sell wine 81
Translation: professional improvement

sip of wine 60
Dream description: success and well-being

subsisting on wine 50
Meaning: vanity and pride