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Pottage little. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pottage little. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pottage little 33
Meaning of the dream: recovery of energy

pottage very 84
Description: you're trying to approach the spiritual world

good pottage 56
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected support

working little 17
Translation: critical moments

spend little 32
Dream description: reckless actions

assimilate little 67
Meaning: little consideration of others

cost little 70
Translation of the dream: proposals devious

little salt 2
Interpretation: unexpected overtime

eat little 73
Sense of the dream: novelty coming

have little courage 73
What does it mean: relations in danger

pay little 11
Meaning of the dream: you're down in the dumps

convict who eats little 53
Description: theft

little study 8
Interpretation of the dream: emotional crisis

little cookie 15
Translation: projects that require big commitments

little snow 67
Dream description: poverty, financial difficulties

little hair 2
Meaning: security in business

be slightly ill 31
Translation of the dream: killing unjustified

religious little image 40
Interpretation: so much hope in the help of a family member

little heart 4
Sense of the dream: unexpected gains

little broom 49
What does it mean: poor work ethic

little cart 48
Meaning of the dream: more force to get your results

little turtledove 59
Description: faithfulness

little understanding 67
Interpretation of the dream: you ll have trouble with the legal

little tongue 8
Translation: new charge of vitality

good little family 51
Dream description: good standing

little basket with snack 15
Meaning: disloyalty on the part of a woman

little basket of baby 41
Translation of the dream: betrayal of friends

clam chowder 87
Interpretation: to clarify misunderstandings

little worm 37
Sense of the dream: discomfort in intimate life

hares 3
What does it mean: new friends

little basket 5
Meaning of the dream: Hidden Danger

little joke 19
Description: great improvements

little old women 16
Interpretation of the dream: listen to advice from older people

little hand 62
Translation: someone needs your help

smoking shortly 85
Dream description: talk inconclusive

Marsiglio 28
Meaning: intuitive intelligence

fish soup 82
Translation of the dream: unfortunate situation

little goldfish 19
Interpretation: luck

rubber little caps 19
Sense of the dream: happy surprise

vegetable soup 67
What does it mean: work still long and tiring

little grotto 57
Meaning of the dream: restful agreement sentimental

soup broth 71
Description: decisions sentimental

to feel a trifle 2
Interpretation of the dream: you feel out of place

bright little button 68
Translation: realization of a project

happy little family 90
Dream description: Find it difficult unnecessarily

little basket with sweets 5
Meaning: greatest hits

little basket with fruit 54
Translation of the dream: your life comfortable and safe

little basket with meat 57
Interpretation: your projects will be realized

ugly little mare that runs around the house 25
Sense of the dream: marry a bad woman

fool 43
What does it mean: loss of privileges

narrowly 21
Meaning of the dream: contrasts work