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Porcupine animal. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream porcupine animal. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

porcupine 69
Meaning of the dream: delicate affair, embarrassing

animal chained 75
Description: physical endurance

a drowned animal 68
Interpretation of the dream: constancy in action

flayed animal 73
Translation: mild illness

ferocious animal 15
Dream description: danger to the patrimony

animal good 30
Meaning: charm immediately

caged animal 69
Translation of the dream: small gain

rapacious animal 75
Interpretation: impressionability

animal quadruped 54
Sense of the dream: agitation and extravagance

beat an animal 71
What does it mean: malignant insinuations

thigh Animal 41
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

heart animal 28
Description: to curb impulsiveness

dragon fabulous animal 7
Interpretation of the dream: wealth, treasures, visit to a superior to a lawyer, to a great

skunk (animal) 66
Translation: You will enrich soon

rare animal 56
Dream description: projects of union

peel animal 41
Meaning: sentimental emotions

a toothless animal 53
Translation of the dream: nervousness

animal sleeping 4
Interpretation: wisdom actions

animal exhibit 52
Sense of the dream: excessive ambition

animal bad 66
What does it mean: lack of patience with young people

angry animal 90
Meaning of the dream: search for comfort

snout animal 68
Description: many contrasts

animal licking 25
Interpretation of the dream: Initial difficulties

animal meek 54
Translation: small losses

gall Animal 58
Dream description: Be careful in work

Animal sinking 80
Meaning: business to be put in the hands of human law

see a ram (animal) 58
Translation of the dream: unexpected help

Animal groan 78
Interpretation: lucky business

animal blade 35
Sense of the dream: your patience will not harm

resistant animal 65
What does it mean: business proposals

take an animal 76
Meaning of the dream: Danger averted

animal drinking 86
Description: decrease of vitality

drown an animal 34
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen obstacles

call an animal 67
Translation: marital disagreements

animal that attacks 4
Dream description: many friendships

animal decrepit 90
Meaning: gradual improvement

neck animal 36
Translation of the dream: unexpected help

animal wing 64
Interpretation: you have the ability not to break down the barriers

train an animal 16
Sense of the dream: protection of young people

lighten an animal 15
What does it mean: wise intentions

injure an animal 69
Meaning of the dream: concerns and serious problems

animal bites 21
Description: betrayal male

monstrous animal 87
Interpretation of the dream: thwarted love

animal 22
Translation: need love

kill an animal 83
Dream description: malignant insinuations

meet angry or dangerous animal 37
Meaning: family fights for interest

find an animal 74
Translation of the dream: insights to follow

suppress an animal 40
Interpretation: provocation not collect

touch an animal 22
Sense of the dream: physical recovery

stigmatize an animal 81
What does it mean: good luck

sick animal 32
Meaning of the dream: unlucky in love

Animal birth 60
Description: personal affirmation

animal that flies 45
Interpretation of the dream: ailments passengers

fertilize animal 65
Translation: something in your head takes you to become unpleasant to others

eat animal 39
Dream description: concerns work

animal that escapes 24
Meaning: Danger averted

Animal footprint 24
Translation of the dream: ambition fulfilled

embrace animal 35
Interpretation: tries to focus more at work