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Policeman in country. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream policeman in country. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

negotiate in country 22
Meaning of the dream: report an improvement

policeman arrested 24
Description: great deal at home

policeman in the office 31
Interpretation of the dream: await disappointments

policeman betrayed 59
Translation: experience

student policeman 53
Dream description: family problems to be solved

policeman shot 26
Meaning: to overcome shyness

flooding in the country 17
Translation of the dream: your achievements love vanish

live in the country 8
Interpretation: full success in work

policeman in africa 57
Sense of the dream: business stagnation

lambs in the country 1
What does it mean: tranquility, calm

be in the country 1
Meaning of the dream: considerable loss of money

stay in the country 43
Description: fantasies and ambitions

Family in the country 58
Interpretation of the dream: decrease of vitality

camp in the country 23
Translation: donation from relatives

policeman with arrested 8
Dream description: dangers

give birth in the country 15
Meaning: lively temperament

hat policeman 26
Translation of the dream: prosperity in the activities undertaken

country overseas 60
Interpretation: broken promises

policeman in riot 16
Sense of the dream: Understanding with friends and relatives

party in the country 75
What does it mean: spirit of adventure

dine in the country 15
Meaning of the dream: positive ideas

policeman handed 69
Description: pride humbled

policeman in parade 90
Interpretation of the dream: interesting revelations

policeman on patrol 8
Translation: excellent earnings

dwell in the country 71
Dream description: prosperity

policeman on duty 44
Meaning: help from family

country 82
Translation of the dream: return of a loved one

policeman riding 25
Interpretation: personal prestige on the rise

detachment from the country 71
Sense of the dream: many contrasts

valiant policeman 88
What does it mean: New Adventures

policeman walk 4
Meaning of the dream: secrets, to keep

be a policeman 18
Description: small quarrels and contrasts

change country 27
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant news

unknown country 17
Translation: intelligence and satisfaction

tailoring country 34
Dream description: emotions of love

plainclothes policeman 3
Meaning: good news soon

country feast 24
Translation of the dream: complicated ties

fraction country 56
Interpretation: petty quarrels

Cemetery country 19
Sense of the dream: sorrows short

leave the country 45
What does it mean: proposals to carefully consider

policeman who stops 11
Meaning of the dream: reckless actions

policeman with inmates 4
Description: malevolent criticism

policeman in uniform 53
Interpretation of the dream: conclusion of business

country dancing 71
Translation: opposition at home

across country 59
Dream description: desires are different from reality

kill policeman 26
Meaning: pleasures that will end badly

country of origin 10
Translation of the dream: great satisfaction

Parish country 41
Interpretation: new horizons

tavern of country 23
Sense of the dream: pitfalls

country farm 78
What does it mean: severe punishment

policeman who warns 24
Meaning of the dream: alarming news

assaulting a policeman 87
Description: benefits and surprises

retire to the country 53
Interpretation of the dream: disillusion

country which cuts 82
Translation: melancholy passing

country that lumbers 1
Dream description: lack of prudence