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Point out a mistake. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream point out a mistake. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

point out a mistake 63
Meaning of the dream: lite in friendship

convince a mistake 38
Description: desire to change

repeat an error 31
Interpretation of the dream: broadmindedness

fatal error 11
Translation: misunderstandings and gossip

dismay an error 56
Dream description: unmet expectations

repair an error 1
Meaning: confidential

unrecoverable error 63
Translation of the dream: painful events

trusting an error 71
Interpretation: glitches and mishaps

serious error 64
Sense of the dream: intolerance and coercion

error 38
What does it mean: attention in their business

make a mistake 86
Meaning of the dream: compromises dangerous

careless mistake 51
Description: sentimental meetings

fall into error 65
Interpretation of the dream: business unwary

Error light 15
Translation: nostalgia unnecessary

fall back into error 79
Dream description: positive renewal

take poison by mistake 45
Meaning: obstacles and disputes

point the way 17
Translation of the dream: supports safe

mislead 52
Interpretation: to take responsibility

kill by mistake 9
Sense of the dream: dangerous pitfalls

point your feet 8
What does it mean: necessary adjustments

point a stick on the ground 22
Meaning of the dream: generous protection

point a finger 19
Description: lack of discipline

bear a fault 4
Interpretation of the dream: pitfall exceeded

receive a wrong 87
Translation: wounded pride

charge a fault 23
Dream description: expenses advantageous

bush fault 9
Meaning: quarrels with neighbors

rehabilitate from a fault 11
Translation of the dream: complex to be overcome

take an oversight 66
Interpretation: fear of forgetting something important

bugs that bite 38
Sense of the dream: new proposals advantageous

bug that stinks 27
What does it mean: that appearances are deceiving

indicate a person 58
Meaning of the dream: new events

ashamed of a fault 24
Description: serious setbacks and difficulties

own fault 18
Interpretation of the dream: uncontrolled impulses

fault vinegar 9
Translation: negative experience

say hypocrisy 76
Dream description: benevolence won

say prayers 17
Meaning: health and happiness

chin wrong 18
Translation of the dream: great riches

says charity 30
Interpretation: anxieties and remorse

ear wrong 11
Sense of the dream: family quarrels

report to a friend 26
What does it mean: quarrels of love

point the gun at anyone 13
Meaning of the dream: attention to your excessive sensitivity

oleander wrong 58
Description: enmities and hostilities

report to a superior 58
Interpretation of the dream: good cooperation

Nail wrong 66
Translation: loss of an object

say their opinion 19
Dream description: next gains

elm wrong 58
Meaning: enmities

maintains her innocence 45
Translation of the dream: Useful relations

be in the wrong 30
Interpretation: love story

say lie for mercy 35
Sense of the dream: Safety obtained

It aims sign, destination 7
What does it mean: your good judgment you procurer many advocates

cardinal point 8
Meaning of the dream: small miseries

geometrical point 55
Description: vanity and pride

cure a failure 62
Interpretation of the dream: business cheated