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Plate of pasta covered. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream plate of pasta covered. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

covered 70
Meaning of the dream: need for adaptation

covered bed 30
Description: declining health

covered market 69
Interpretation of the dream: reflection and readiness

be covered with feathers 18
Translation: hassles and annoyances

covered bridge 9
Dream description: contrasts intimate

be covered with hair 3
Meaning: health and long life

Covered discolored 85
Translation of the dream: intense passion

covered by sofa 57

patch covered 77

It is entirely covered in tattoos 79
What does it mean: You are suppressing sexual desires or the desire to live for the job fault

covered parking 58
Meaning of the dream: protect someone from potential problems

Plate 1
Description: joyfulness

first plate 65

dress covered with gold 7
Translation: sign of wealth and honor

snow-covered mountain 7
Dream description: Please obtained

have the body covered with sores 80
Meaning: great riches

nougat covered with chocolate 52
Translation of the dream: ephemeral successes

have the back covered with ulcers 26
Interpretation: triumph of enemies or envious, general contempt

have the body covered with maggots 76
Sense of the dream: great riches

someone completely covered in tattoos 70
What does it mean: you need to talk more about their problems

cover a plate 81
Meaning of the dream: common sense

lick a plate 4
Description: thwarted love

glass plate 16
Interpretation of the dream: your tranquility should be treated because it could vanish at any moment

step on the plate 81
Translation: actions to be performed

copper plate 82
Dream description: morbid affections

iron plate 74
Meaning: indolence

brass plate 11
Translation of the dream: jealousy and incompatibility

silver plate 13
Interpretation: new conquest

ancient plate 48
Sense of the dream: altruism

metal plate 75
What does it mean: imaginative ideas

plate of a trunk 48
Meaning of the dream: order and responsibility

license plate 85
Description: small misfortune

stone plate 18
Interpretation of the dream: willingness solid

Car plate 67
Translation: happy novelty coming

lead plate 43

zinc plate 75

white plate 63

weighing plate 2

broken plate 60

on pasta 11
What does it mean: changing character

pasta 19
Meaning of the dream: healthy intuition

baked pasta 58
Description: fruitful collaboration

fresh pasta 21
Interpretation of the dream: great satisfaction

pasta in broth 3
Translation: labors in the work

pasta with butter 75
Dream description: benevolent people

pasta with sauce 10
Meaning: to avoid provocations

drain pasta 26
Translation of the dream: money refund

timbale of pasta 66
Interpretation: generous impulses

pasta with clams 72
Sense of the dream: fickle mood

boil the pasta 7

workshop of pasta 11

foil with pasta 90

pasta factory 86

shaped pasta 16

scratch pasta 68

soup pasta 80

fill of pasta 8

export pasta 84

pasta fettuccine 36

forkful of pasta 56

cool pasta 77

Pasta with tomato 6

pasta with corn 12

pasta with potatoes 38

pasta with eggs 9

painter pasta 40

for pasta noodles 3

pot with pasta 76

weigh pasta 64

pasta factory steam 3
What does it mean: good intentions

adultery discovered 81
Meaning of the dream: misery

plateau 4
Description: need a break in life

get on a plateau 9
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected help

get off a plateau 51
Translation: deceptions secrets

barren plateau 11
Dream description: prosperity in business

plateau green 40
Meaning: positive experiences

platonic love 25
Translation of the dream: donation from a woman

platinum ring 44
Interpretation: discontent passengers

anus discovered 15
Sense of the dream: freedom from responsibility

discover lie 75
What does it mean: lack of flexibility