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Plants from the nose. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream plants from the nose. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bleeding from the nose 15
Meaning of the dream: work to tackle

burns the nose 37
Description: Dangerous distractions

mucus from the nose 43
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassments or you do not feel at ease

amputate the nose 25
Translation: defeat enemies

nose dirty 86
Dream description: new creative energy

dry nose 71
Meaning: prudence in the reactions

running nose 30
Translation of the dream: stormy relationships

swollen nose 3
Interpretation: tips to follow

curl nose 46
Sense of the dream: next marital separation

itchy nose 58
What does it mean: confidentiality and reflection

nose 16
Meaning of the dream: undeserved insults, poverty

clean the nose 4
Description: important protection

twist the nose 70
Interpretation of the dream: confused

freezing nose 56
Translation: originality of views

tingling in the nose 58
Dream description: confidentiality and reflection

cavity in the nose 38
Meaning: unexpected surprise

breed plants 56
Translation of the dream: physical strength

handkerchief for the nose 74
Interpretation: sorrows, troubles

wen in the nose 47
Sense of the dream: contrasts of love

Red nose 15
What does it mean: maturation of projects

flat nose 85
Meaning of the dream: terms not maintained

grafted plants 3
Description: changes and novelties

aquiline nose 14
Interpretation of the dream: loss of documents

impale plants 88
Translation: uncertain business

seize plants 36
Dream description: good trip

big nose 16
Meaning: charm and good relations

long nose 40
Translation of the dream: too impulsive actions

tip of the nose 18
Interpretation: Health Concerns

watering plants 56
Sense of the dream: sentimental crisis

scratch his nose 8
What does it mean: wishes

prune plants 55
Meaning of the dream: difficult choice

drain on the nose 14
Description: shame

weed plants 81
Interpretation of the dream: sudden changes

count plants 73
Translation: friendships safe

blow your nose 81
Dream description: incompatibility of character

addition agent plants 58
Meaning: acuteness of observation

planting plants 74
Translation of the dream: good working period

plants tamarind 10
Interpretation: unexpected news

eating medicinal plants 28
Sense of the dream: business solved

brook with plants 36
What does it mean: friendship interested

staircase with plants 21
Meaning of the dream: supports important

railing with plants 33
Description: passion paid

Window with plants 33
Interpretation of the dream: improvised by friends

decorate with plants 18
Translation: difficulty

knockdown of plants 5
Dream description: great sensitivity

greenhouse with plants 15
Meaning: enthusiasm

veranda with plants 27
Translation of the dream: new hope

transporting plants 74
Interpretation: good solutions

vestibule with plants 19
Sense of the dream: important events

marsh plants 81
What does it mean: hostile environment

plant disease 7
Meaning of the dream: if you could confide more you would be lighter and more graceful

water and treat young plants 87
Description: the success of the children

hold their noses 2
Interpretation of the dream: difficult task

plant nursery 49
Translation: reconciliation and joy

plant shadow 76
Dream description: combativeness

grow plant 27
Meaning: money

pot plant 80
Translation of the dream: changes conducive

lupines on plant 62
Interpretation: favorable opportunities

headscarf 14
Sense of the dream: squabbles interest