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Plant yellow pears. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream plant yellow pears. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pears 7
Meaning of the dream: help from a friend

pears on the tree 77
Description: communication and sympathy

unripe pears 13
Interpretation of the dream: painful surprise

ripe pears 41
Translation: delight

baked pears 67
Dream description: deceit and slander

pears faulty 89
Meaning: Decision unthinking

seize pears 60
Translation of the dream: physical

eat pears 84
Interpretation: ties happy

peel pears 44
Sense of the dream: plight

loaded with pears 9
What does it mean: Your love life will have many hassles

basket with pears 32

collect pears 1

pears jam 80

canary yellow 26
Translation: sure instinct with money

yellow color 18
Dream description: sadness passing

yellow chrysanthemums 33
Meaning: hidden enemies

Yellow teeth 56
Translation of the dream: loss of relatives or friends

grow yellow 33
Interpretation: envy of friends

yellow jasmine 61
Sense of the dream: uncertain situation

lemon yellow 62
What does it mean: new perspectives

yellow plums 13
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated claims

history yellow 38
Description: annoying friendships

raffia yellow 48
Interpretation of the dream: love serene

yellow frog 26
Translation: inner security

yellow buttercups 62
Dream description: conquest durable

yellow race 89
Meaning: major projects

yellow roses 39
Translation of the dream: secret relationship

yellow light 12
Interpretation: small worries

yellow earth 58
Sense of the dream: false news

yellow tulips 73
What does it mean: fortune

yellow hat 78

yellow carrot 75

yellow chickpea 9

yellow wax 66

yellow fever 77

yellow face 80

yellow gloves 35

ink yellow 28

yellow Book 52

butter yellow 29

yellow flower 19

muslin yellow 10

yellow pepper 90

color pale, yellow or leaden 31
Translation: next illness, fever long and dangerous

plant 7
Dream description: fertility, spiritual development, growth or growth potential

will plant 32

water plant 33
Translation of the dream: sensitive nature

plant food 32
Interpretation: improvements to be addressed

Maple (plant) 9
Sense of the dream: enjoyment

milfoil (plant) 78
What does it mean: joy

wormwood plant 52
Meaning of the dream: kindness of friends

Artichokes on the plant 40
Description: impatience and irritability

dahlia on plant 3
Interpretation of the dream: promises and hopes

dates on the plant 26
Translation: novelty from a trip

knapweed plant 5
Dream description: long life

power plant 90
Meaning: much work

grow plant 27
Translation of the dream: money

Strawberries on the plant 59
Interpretation: windfall

beans on plant 85
Sense of the dream: concerns for the future

flax plant 30
What does it mean: fickle nature

lupines on plant 62
Meaning of the dream: favorable opportunities

geranium plant 27
Description: earnings

see the lotus plant 41
Interpretation of the dream: you have something to behold

plant a pole 66
Translation: momentary concerns

plant with flowers 19
Dream description: unforeseen events

pot plant 80
Meaning: changes conducive

plant in the ground 38
Translation of the dream: new experience

dry plant 70
Interpretation: likely misunderstandings

small plant 79
Sense of the dream: adventurous temperament

water the plant 20
What does it mean: good earnings

plant trees 1
Meaning of the dream: fighting strength

sage plant 56
Description: waste of money

plant parsley 13
Interpretation of the dream: happiness in family

plant onions 14
Translation: dangerous hazards

little seedling plant 88
Dream description: many meetings with women

see a melissa (plant) 17
Meaning: incautious purchases and damages related

plant a hazel 90
Translation of the dream: beginning of a delightful love story

plant the peony 79
Interpretation: six deeply in love

rhubarb plant 60
Sense of the dream: unexpected bonus

root of a plant 8
What does it mean: good buys

rare plant 23
Meaning of the dream: confidence and affection

sever a plant 24
Description: waste of money