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Place reinforced. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream place reinforced. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

place his hands 40
Meaning of the dream: long trip

place a farm 23
Description: temperament practical

reinforced concrete 38
Interpretation of the dream: important news

place a tomb 37
Translation: you regret the past

place extreme torture 6
Dream description: you have false friends

construction of reinforced concrete 82
Meaning: that appearances are deceiving

placing children 33
Translation of the dream: news from people far away

put something in its place 86
Interpretation: good prospect of better times

place of honor 23
Sense of the dream: joy

seize place 6
What does it mean: disloyalty on the part of a woman

hoarding a place 12
Meaning of the dream: happiness upset

put labels 21
Description: knowledge to be cultivated

put pants 57
Interpretation of the dream: supports valid

collect put 7
Translation: return of money

put crowns 29
Dream description: inconsistency in work

put sausages 32
Meaning: beautiful omen

put corals 18
Translation of the dream: resentment and bitterness

put opposition 81
Interpretation: emotional crisis

put the cap 74
Sense of the dream: problems to be solved

put obstacle 48
What does it mean: waste of money

sway to put 62
Meaning of the dream: solicitude of relatives

put in a column 30
Description: you lack the right level of detail in the work

put your panties 81
Interpretation of the dream: conduct changeable and inconstant

put pants down 69
Translation: errors to be repaired

putting on a show 24
Dream description: excessive impressionability

put in public 22
Meaning: purchases unwary

lay the foundation stone 40
Translation of the dream: trouble with the law

put the lie to someone 26
Interpretation: tries to control anger

via putting on good 30
Sense of the dream: firm decision

place tie 50
What does it mean: prosperity earned

put someone in handcuffs 13
Meaning of the dream: concerns

put the wine in the bottle 43
Description: betrayal of a friend

put oil into the lumen 29
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately variable

place to place 16
Translation: enmity

put in a bag 71
Dream description: disorders

post newspapers 31
Meaning: distractions happy

highly placed 30
Translation of the dream: rivalry in love

be put to shame 44
Interpretation: place of honor

put shoes 8
Sense of the dream: pleasant trip

important place 8
What does it mean: unrest and persecution

stopping place 86
Meaning of the dream: new combination of work

dry place 63
Description: worries

beautiful place 5
Interpretation of the dream: health ailments passengers

lovely place 70
Translation: dangers

dark place 19
Dream description: stubbornness dangerous

place card 59
Meaning: limits must ports

place on record 64
Translation of the dream: excellent projects

exotic place 88
Interpretation: bitter experience

man highly placed 11
Sense of the dream: good standing

resign from one place 25
What does it mean: remarkable self-control

drop skittles 42
Meaning of the dream: win

put on perfume 58
Description: frivolous thoughts

lay an altar 28
Interpretation of the dream: severe fatigue without result