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Pizza with worms. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pizza with worms. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sweet pizza 15
Meaning of the dream: to strengthen relations

pizza with mushrooms 78
Description: you recognize yourself your trespasses

pizza with ham 87
Interpretation of the dream: energy on the rise

fried pizza 17
Translation: little ailments

pizza capricious 56
Dream description: conclusion of business

Pizza with fish 44
Meaning: punished pride

pizza with spinach 17
Translation of the dream: inheritance nearby

stuffed pizza 46
Interpretation: profit industries

pizza with peppers 43
Sense of the dream: possibility of deceit

burnt pizza 86
What does it mean: success in love

knead pizza 16
Meaning of the dream: great commitment to the work

pizza with anchovies 62
Description: talk to neighbors

pizza with mozzarella 8
Interpretation of the dream: little understanding

pizza with ricotta cheese 55
Translation: battles to support

Pizza 76
Dream description: abundance, choices and variety

Neapolitan Pizza 63
Meaning: lack of commitment

make pizza 37
Translation of the dream: great time

pizza with escarole 81
Interpretation: fruitful collaboration

bite of pizza 79
Sense of the dream: good luck

eat pizza 46
What does it mean: easily overcome obstacles

pan with pizza 47
Meaning of the dream: important moral conquests

pizza rustica 37
Description: important trip

will cook pizza 31
Interpretation of the dream: material difficulties

cheese pizza 33
Translation: you are afraid to lose some habits

to make or see pizza (focaccia) 45
Dream description: joy and profit

pizza shop 10
Meaning: discouragement to overcome

pizza chef 49
Translation of the dream: oversights by parties of friends

fruit with worms 59
Interpretation: health recovery

shit with worms 76
Sense of the dream: Good news

worms in the closet 21
What does it mean: dangers to be faced

bake pizzas 18
Meaning of the dream: suspicions unjust

baker who bakes pizzas 58
Description: offers promising

have the body covered with maggots 76
Interpretation of the dream: great riches

stuffing pizzas 68
Translation: search of freedom

churning out pizzas 63
Dream description: tendency to resentment

frying pizzas 50
Meaning: ambition and boldness

maggots 72
Translation of the dream: you are not free to express your emotions

raising silkworms 7
Interpretation: prelude to future earnings as well as having good and faithful friends

intestinal worm 52
Sense of the dream: disorder in private life

cocoon shell of silkworms 35
What does it mean: victory over enemies

dine in pizzeria 81
Meaning of the dream: Sentimental Journey

dinner with relatives 11
Description: lack of confidence

many millipedes 32
Interpretation of the dream: people in life that you would not see more

dinner with military 4
Translation: Tangible evidence of friendship

dinner with the children 48
Dream description: encouraging results

dinner with priests 49
Meaning: self-confidence

dinner with parents 76
Translation of the dream: want made

adorn with rings 46
Interpretation: bad omens

mountain with vineyards 24
Sense of the dream: Family disputes