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Pizza with wheat. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pizza with wheat. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Pizza 76
Meaning of the dream: abundance, choices and variety

sweet pizza 15
Description: to strengthen relations

Neapolitan Pizza 63
Interpretation of the dream: lack of commitment

burnt pizza 86
Translation: success in love

fried pizza 17
Dream description: little ailments

pizza with anchovies 62
Meaning: talk to neighbors

make pizza 37
Translation of the dream: great time

eat pizza 46
Interpretation: easily overcome obstacles

bite of pizza 79
Sense of the dream: good luck

pizza shop 10
What does it mean: discouragement to overcome

knead pizza 16
Meaning of the dream: great commitment to the work

pan with pizza 47
Description: important moral conquests

will cook pizza 31
Interpretation of the dream: material difficulties

cheese pizza 33
Translation: you are afraid to lose some habits

pizza capricious 56
Dream description: conclusion of business

pizza with mushrooms 78
Meaning: you recognize yourself your trespasses

pizza with mozzarella 8
Translation of the dream: little understanding

pizza with peppers 43
Interpretation: possibility of deceit

Pizza with fish 44
Sense of the dream: punished pride

pizza with ham 87
What does it mean: energy on the rise

pizza with escarole 81
Meaning of the dream: fruitful collaboration

pizza with spinach 17
Description: inheritance nearby

stuffed pizza 46
Interpretation of the dream: profit industries

pizza rustica 37
Translation: important trip

pizza chef 49
Dream description: oversights by parties of friends

to make or see pizza (focaccia) 45
Meaning: joy and profit

pizza with ricotta cheese 55
Translation of the dream: battles to support

wheat 18
Interpretation: prosperity

whole wheat 83
Sense of the dream: good health

threshing wheat 68
What does it mean: profitable business

wheat starch 6
Meaning of the dream: support from friends

amass wheat 36
Description: benevolent people

famine wheat 77
Interpretation of the dream: deceptions hidden

sheaf of wheat 9
Translation: prosperity and well-being

mow wheat 17
Dream description: good prospects

wheat flour 24
Meaning: abundance and wealth

green wheat 64
Translation of the dream: remarkable progress

wheat sheaves 42
Interpretation: prosperity and success

wheat threshing 15
Sense of the dream: affections safe

ground wheat 34
What does it mean: bright future

wheat, grain 68
Meaning of the dream: money

draw wheat from something 46
Description: disease

wheat crop 10
Interpretation of the dream: progress with work

cut wheat 67
Translation: prosperity and well-being

bag of wheat 41
Dream description: greatest hits

plant wheat 25
Meaning: family welfare

thresh wheat 25
Translation of the dream: great fortune

baked with wheat 47
Interpretation: painful decision

wheat riddled 20
Sense of the dream: good deal in preparation

uncooked wheat 84
What does it mean: shameful servitude