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Pins in your pocket. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pins in your pocket. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

have the ducats in your pocket 71
Meaning of the dream: very good things

put your hands in your pocket 63
Description: goods thwarted

keep your hands in your pocket 7
Interpretation of the dream: excessive intolerance

money in his pocket 16
Translation: untapped potential

rummaging in his pocket 26
Dream description: thwarted love

put the keys in his pocket 72
Meaning: uncertainty about what to do

pins in the mouth 88
Translation of the dream: someone holding you

pocket 9
Interpretation: hidden talents and abilities undeveloped

put the watch in his pocket 20
Sense of the dream: important novelty

empty pocket 56
What does it mean: you're not happy in a loving situation

swallow pins 48
Meaning of the dream: successfully delayed

pocket lighter 63
Description: arrogance towards the weak

Iron pins 44
Interpretation of the dream: attention to liars

handkerchief in the breast pocket 84
Translation: discontent passengers

pillow with pins 2
Dream description: despotic character

pocket route 83
Meaning: Secrets Revealed

engage pins 11
Translation of the dream: program changes

pocket mirrors 89
Interpretation: thrill

pocket watch 30
Sense of the dream: fleeting happiness

donate pins 31
What does it mean: diligent collaboration

pocket agenda 14
Meaning of the dream: new projects

string of pins 76
Description: health disorders

stick pins 26
Interpretation of the dream: chagrin and anger

adorn themselves with pins 88
Translation: mischief and cunning

pocket money 50
Dream description: unforeseen expenses

pocket dictionary 46
Meaning: pleasant surprises

pocket knife 67
Translation of the dream: secret relations

pocket bread 71
Interpretation: scruples exaggerated

pocket for other things 26
Sense of the dream: painful betrayal

line their pockets 63
What does it mean: decisions to make

bag for your journey 83
Meaning of the dream: harassment

rummaging in your bag 40
Description: harmful habits

turn pockets 84
Interpretation of the dream: small fortune

white bag 40
Translation: financial aid

embroidered bag 42
Dream description: tendency to command

search the pockets 56
Meaning: floating assets

bag with money 2
Translation of the dream: providential aid

curl up on your lap 48
Interpretation: resistance force

bag for your brother 15
Sense of the dream: passion unfortunate

have a splinter in your finger 48
What does it mean: refund money

take your hat 34
Meaning of the dream: danger of exploitation

wash your neck 86
Description: good health

hold back your breath 5
Interpretation of the dream: Gain honest

burn your fingers 4
Translation: envy

loosen your belt 21
Dream description: hopes dashed

lift your eyes 86
Meaning: happiness in love

hang your hat 30
Translation of the dream: deception by an employee

cover your back 36
Interpretation: increased security

lick your fingers 11
Sense of the dream: to overcome shyness

cover your eyes 85
What does it mean: interests compromised

wash your shirt 58
Meaning of the dream: crushes

pay your watch 52
Description: a good chance of success

shake your arms 24
Interpretation of the dream: deceptions secrets