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Pink clouds. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream pink clouds. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pink clouds 6
Meaning of the dream: sweetness

low clouds 9
Description: concerns

clouds 8
Interpretation of the dream: represent your mood

White clouds 5
Translation: serenity

red clouds 18
Dream description: moments of anger

donate pink 46
Meaning: love, affection

black clouds 2
Translation of the dream: concerns

gray clouds 7
Interpretation: melancholy

pink ribbon 10
Sense of the dream: projects contrasted

dense clouds 3
What does it mean: Health Concerns

pink apron 79
Meaning of the dream: new working relationships

Book pink 14
Description: attitudes inconsistent

dark clouds 69
Interpretation of the dream: business to settle urgently

powder pink 42
Translation: dangers and accidents provoked by secret enemies

touch the clouds 6
Dream description: desire to travel

clouds moving very quickly 5
Meaning: You are moody

pink coral 59
Translation of the dream: Negative thoughts

prick with pink 6
Interpretation: small problems to be reckoned with

High clouds 15
Sense of the dream: the difficulties are far

pink muslin 82
What does it mean: precipitous actions

walk in the clouds 81
Meaning of the dream: fantasy

pink chapel 51
Description: excessive confidentiality

geranium pink 35
Interpretation of the dream: aid on a long journey

pink dried 60
Translation: love uncertain

moon with clouds 5
Dream description: love no tomorrow

horizon full of clouds 55
Meaning: careful not to get caught off guard by your enemies

storm clouds 11
Translation of the dream: malice and resentments

fall from the clouds 33
Interpretation: You discover a harsh reality

Chronicle Rosa 67
Sense of the dream: attention of those who trust

receiving the gift of a rose 30
What does it mean: sincere feelings

rose branch 42
Meaning of the dream: you ll have a way into your business

rose leaf 58
Description: do you want to prove your worth

rose petals 75
Interpretation of the dream: much love

rose apple 70
Translation: arguments for interest

bud of rose 79
Dream description: treachery

St. Rose 81
Meaning: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

rose without thorns 90
Translation of the dream: unreal situation

tattoo of a red rose 80
Interpretation: repressed in the love life

apple rose 70
Sense of the dream: knowledge important

roses 56
What does it mean: deep and lasting affection

rose thorns 5
Meaning of the dream: ups and downs

rose essence 41
Description: suffering infidelity

liquor rose petal 57
Interpretation of the dream: intimate joy

dew 90
Translation: intimate happiness

grass with dew 30
Dream description: intimate happiness

tea roses 75
Meaning: secret love

Red roses 59
Translation of the dream: burning Love

giving rose to a sick 58
Interpretation: bad omen

dog roses 68
Sense of the dream: possibility of a trip

give roses 67
What does it mean: prestigious

white roses 3
Meaning of the dream: good decision

cultivate roses 76
Description: affected quiet

yellow roses 39
Interpretation of the dream: secret relationship