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Pigs in shit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pigs in shit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shit 53
Meaning of the dream: money

eat shit 11
Description: uncertainty, infamy

shit in the foot 21
Interpretation of the dream: windfall

shit with worms 76
Translation: Good news

shit baby 3
Dream description: fruitfulness and abundance

dog shit 8
Meaning: consistency in the actions

horse shit 4
Translation of the dream: malicious gossip

Fly shit 61
Interpretation: ambitions to be braked

great shit 26
Sense of the dream: hopes and ideals

pigs 15
What does it mean: sloth and avarice

see many pigs 35
Meaning of the dream: You do brisk business

71 - Smorfia classic: man shit 71

herd of pigs 30
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassment in a choice

castrate pigs 10
Translation: sorrows passengers

feeding pigs 82
Dream description: sacrifices to bear

pigs in the pigsty 60
Meaning: a relative miser

slaughter pigs 67
Translation of the dream: risky business

trough with pigs 40
Interpretation: laziness, dirt

raise pigs 67
Sense of the dream: you fall in bad temptations

fatten pigs 28
What does it mean: situation stable

peel pigs 41
Meaning of the dream: projects impossible to achieve

pigs killed 66
Description: need distension

lawn with pigs 41
Interpretation of the dream: negative attitudes

barn with pigs 40
Translation: luck in the game

pig in the pigsty 32
Dream description: unusual experiences

see many witches in the pigsty 28
Meaning: you like to see your wealth

ridge in the pigsty 86
Translation of the dream: instability of relationships

live in a pigsty 23
Interpretation: feel contempt for the people around you

pigsty empty 71
Sense of the dream: You are unscrupulous and you'll have some disappointments

pigsty full 8
What does it mean: dishonest dealings

pigsty 15
Meaning of the dream: you have so many things to fix in your life

shitting at the table 26
Description: betrayal by enemies and jealous, we believe friends

shitting in the countryside 59
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected good news

shitting in the streets 31
Translation: dangerous friendships

shitting in your chair 7
Dream description: watch out for long trips

shitting in the theater 46
Meaning: you are rejecting important responsibilities

shitting in your pants 71
Translation of the dream: Secret Revealed

shitting in the bath 62
Interpretation: lack of privacy

shitting in the hat 20
Sense of the dream: unexpected visits

shitting in the bed 44
What does it mean: good standing

shitting in a pot 64
Meaning of the dream: shame

shitting for home 24
Description: fall of a house

shithouse 18
Interpretation of the dream: to fail