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Pig who escapes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pig who escapes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pig 4
Meaning of the dream: obsessive love that must be checked if you do not get a rejection and even ridicule

pig brain 15
Description: attitudes decided

pig in the pigsty 32
Interpretation of the dream: unusual experiences

fat pig 40
Translation: avarice

kill a pig 21
Dream description: news of distant relatives

Food on a pig 82
Meaning: sacrifices to bear

pig snout 56
Translation of the dream: interests to defend

dead pig 6
Interpretation: wrath

eating pig 58
Sense of the dream: difficult situations

eat a pig 69
What does it mean: welfare

pig street 34
Meaning of the dream: confusion and difficulty

lean pig 81
Description: new possibilities

feed a pig 82
Interpretation of the dream: sacrifices

pig grazing 29

guinea pig 60

brutally kill a pig 50
Meaning: serious damage

banker who escapes 5
Translation of the dream: alarming news

bison that escapes 15
Interpretation: profits and satisfaction

pickpocket who escapes 29
Sense of the dream: inconstancy in action

robber who escapes 86
What does it mean: need for economies

cat escapes 82
Meaning of the dream: behavior change

prisoner who escapes 60
Description: initiative compromised

monkey escapes 6
Interpretation of the dream: Company nice

assassin who escapes 87
Translation: threads for interest

animal that escapes 24

contractor who escapes 76

beast escapes 13

cashier who escapes 79

schoolgirl who escapes 77

ghost escapes 32

villain who escapes 19

guard who escapes 55
Description: malaise

hyena escapes 88

lion escapes 15

Leopard escapes 61

Archpriest who escapes 87

canary escapes 45

longhair who escapes 84

conspirator who escapes 6

boarder who escapes 36

protester who escapes 59

lifer who escapes 88

Finch who escapes 55

gunner who escapes 38

wild boar who escapes 16

facilitate an escape 44
Meaning: astuteness

wings of pigeon 16
Translation of the dream: treachery

breastfeed piglets 11
Interpretation: unscrupulousness

joy for lucky escape 36
Sense of the dream: ingratitude of children

beak pigeon 75
What does it mean: offer support

herd of pigs 30
Meaning of the dream: embarrassment in a choice

castrate pigs 10
Description: sorrows passengers

accomplice in an escape 77
Interpretation of the dream: financial damage

pair of pigeons 32
Translation: good relations with relatives

escape of prisoners 12
Dream description: contrary fate

escape of convicts 80
Meaning: unscrupulousness

pigeons 44
Translation of the dream: business on good foot

pigeons of other colors 52
Interpretation: joy and money in sight