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Physical attraction. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream physical attraction. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

physical practice 77
Meaning of the dream: quiet serenity

physical education 16
Description: sentimental successes

weak physical 76
Interpretation of the dream: moodiness short

physical museum 49
Translation: awards

physical excessive power 5
Dream description: you had assurances at work

physical laboratory 55
Meaning: hard problems

headache physical 49
Translation of the dream: when you have to face something you re anxious

physical deterioration 64
Interpretation: indecision harmful

dangerous Attraction 76
Sense of the dream: happiness conquered

physics 33
What does it mean: definitive agreements

weakening physical 54
Meaning of the dream: exciting news

atomic physics 66
Description: big news

theoretical physics 78
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstandings and quarrels

Charm 50
Translation: contrasts surmountable

Cabinet of Physics 41
Dream description: problems to be solved

physical discomfort 58
Meaning: you need a rest

physical collapse 51
Translation of the dream: disease

sideshow 70
Interpretation: good intuition

gallon corporal 63
Sense of the dream: need for adaptations

excitement 58
What does it mean: unconscious wish unfulfilled

bring out 8
Meaning of the dream: particularly bad news about the debts

physiological 76
Description: freedom from responsibility

carnival ride 39
Interpretation of the dream: lack of reflection

attract knowledge 4
Translation: secret betrayed

forming an enchantment 45
Dream description: boldness and witchcraft

attract love 68
Meaning: good job performance

corporal 53
Translation of the dream: cheerfulness

bewitch or charm 43
Interpretation: false hopes, adventurous projects will not give anything positive

attract sympathy 54
Sense of the dream: long period of opposition

be the object of enchantment 90
What does it mean: loss in business

take a fancy to young 67
Meaning of the dream: do you think that others see everything destroyed

take a fancy to widow 5
Description: humiliation and shame

defying stunts 42
Interpretation of the dream: falsehood

medical examination 29
Translation: discomforts passengers

take a fancy to bride 75
Dream description: Hidden Danger

airplane doing stunts 25
Meaning: passing pleasures

ancient means of transport to animal traction 90
Translation of the dream: good future

belvedere interesting position 77
Interpretation: projects that will launch with minimum effort

put on 45
Sense of the dream: gain in home

lightning striking 62
What does it mean: great satisfaction

immerse yourself in the pleasures 29
Meaning of the dream: sincerity counterproductive

see lightning fall without striking 1
Description: exile or escape of the dreamer, especially if he occupies a rank or use considerable

amusement park 38
Interpretation of the dream: incoming letter very useful

plunging into a river 12
Translation: work to streamline

tighten friendship 81
Dream description: spiritual interests

to put on the spurs 12
Meaning: wait anxiously the success of a deal

attractive wife 72
Translation of the dream: joyfulness

bodybuilding 37
Interpretation: you are too available to people who do not deserve

interesting case 8
Sense of the dream: passing pleasures

geophysical 43
What does it mean: Family concerns