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Photography disappearance. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream photography disappearance. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

photography 49
Meaning of the dream: your final judgment

flash (photography) 90
Description: love close

great photography 31
Interpretation of the dream: adaptation to the environment

black and white photography 42
Translation: laziness deplorable

attach a photograph 90
Dream description: contrasts in the affections

see airplane up in the sky and then disappear 8
Meaning: deceit by some person who already know well

frame with photograph 42
Translation of the dream: future plans

dedication of a photograph 53
Interpretation: confidence in the future

send out photographs 38
Sense of the dream: determining actions

donate photographs 38
What does it mean: friction to chamfer

framed photographs 82
Meaning of the dream: need for reflection

press photographer 33
Description: Useful travel

disappear in the waves 42
Interpretation of the dream: likely to clarify misunderstandings

photograph the scene 8
Translation: strong vitality

photographic film 17
Dream description: bad intentions

pickup (taking photographic) 22
Meaning: delays decisions

photographic representation 81
Translation of the dream: waivers secret

retouching photographs 6
Interpretation: resourcefulness volitional

take photographs 78
Sense of the dream: confidentiality and prudence

to disappear 1
What does it mean: you will be robbed

see disappear stars 14
Meaning of the dream: disaster sadness

fade or disappear 22
Description: hopes dashed

ghost disappears 31
Interpretation of the dream: surprising conclusions

tourists photographing 52
Translation: You get sick

photograph antiquities 74
Dream description: melancholy passing

photographing landscapes 16
Meaning: serious concerns

photographing statues 42
Translation of the dream: health

small photograph 48
Interpretation: discouragement to overcome

photographer 89
Sense of the dream: period of reflection on the present life

photogravure 30
What does it mean: danger of hostilities

negative photographic 2
Meaning of the dream: success of a deal