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Photo frame with glass. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream photo frame with glass. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

empty picture frame 30
Meaning of the dream: new annoyances

frame with photograph 42
Description: future plans

plaster with glass 40
Interpretation of the dream: nice trip

the picture without the frame 5
Translation: Useful relations

enlarge photo 19
Dream description: physical renewal

golden frame 16
Meaning: Useful relations

white frame 77
Translation of the dream: secret aspirations

silver frame 30
Interpretation: differences and contrasts

threaten with glass 54
Sense of the dream: temporary obstruction

gild a frame 50
What does it mean: stressful time

faded photo 46
Meaning of the dream: old remorse resurface

cardboard frame 3
Description: initiatives sentimental

frame broken 15
Interpretation of the dream: sincerity

misted glass 56
Translation: problems that will affect you

Unbreakable glass 23
Dream description: positive days

wood frame 31
Meaning: recognition of merit

painted frame 21
Translation of the dream: lack of respect

the window frame 44
Interpretation: sudden disappointment

opaque glass 88
Sense of the dream: infatuation of short duration

group photo 57
What does it mean: secret fears

frame 17
Meaning of the dream: Useful relations

frame with mirror 80
Description: to clarify misunderstandings

casting glass 51
Interpretation of the dream: interesting discoveries

old frame 47
Translation: sentimental threads

colorful photo 57
Dream description: good luck

autographed photo 89
Meaning: diseases avoided

frosted glass 65
Translation of the dream: sure way

saltshaker glass 55
Interpretation: verbosity and gossip

glass inkwell 90
Sense of the dream: dispersive activities

injured by glass 84
What does it mean: quarrels with women

glass with oil 76
Meaning of the dream: conflicts with the environment

walnut frame 51
Description: interesting discovery

scrape glass 45
Interpretation of the dream: request for favors

photo albums 32
Translation: humanitarianism

Ecce homo pictured 50
Dream description: there will be major challenges

glass or glasses 44
Meaning: honesty transparency

glass innerliner 21
Translation of the dream: doubts and anxieties

frame picture 28
Interpretation: nervousness accentuated

Photo studio 7
Sense of the dream: massive loss of wealth

glass with handle 17
What does it mean: danger of deceit

glass with spirit 27
Meaning of the dream: successful combination

dirty glass 15
Description: yearning for the beautiful

cracked glass 15
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous head shots

breaking glass 36
Translation: imprudence dangerous

glass carafe 77
Dream description: pulse control

glass with medicine 4
Meaning: advantageous changes

break a glass 81
Translation of the dream: danger of scams

glass tarnishing 18
Interpretation: prosperity in your business

glass object 26
Sense of the dream: obstacles overcome

glass funnel 68
What does it mean: volatility harmful

glass Silver 48
Meaning of the dream: restriction of personal freedom

glass shard 27
Description: good buys

glass stopper 32
Interpretation of the dream: nervousness and impulsiveness

glass sheets 22
Translation: you're thinking about which road to take

glass of iron 58
Dream description: concerns for the future