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Pharmacist jacket. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pharmacist jacket. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

coat pharmacist 30
Meaning of the dream: small trouble

pharmacist practitioner 63
Description: adaptation necessary

new jacket 16
Interpretation of the dream: economic difficulties

jacket old 50
Translation: seriousness of purpose

jacket patched 61
Dream description: relatives malicious

jacket button 67
Meaning: incomes

padded jacket 36
Translation of the dream: it takes more courage in life

lapel of the jacket 21
Interpretation: illusions of love

jacket 73
Sense of the dream: illusions of love

jacket Men 11
What does it mean: everything will be for the better

jacket unstitched 41
Meaning of the dream: disappointments in love

sleeve jacket 61
Description: exaggerated claims

cotton jacket 11
Interpretation of the dream: you are independent

suede jacket 80
Translation: satisfactory results

unbutton his jacket 21
Dream description: inner restlessness

jacket by military 66
Meaning: clashes of views with your loved one

wear wool jacket 53
Translation of the dream: security

touch wool jacket 81
Interpretation: your luck at most

pick up a wool jacket 51
Sense of the dream: you have a true friend

cotton jacket for women 49
What does it mean: difficult journey without earnings

keep the wool jacket in hand 40
Meaning of the dream: Whether people with detachment

have the wool jacket out of fashion 27
Description: suffer from inferiority complex

have the wool jacket stained 12
Interpretation of the dream: them feel guilty

wear jackets 76
Translation: Danger averted

life jacket with a castaway 62
Dream description: deceptions foiled

cardigan 32
Meaning: It serves a small support

straitjacket 25
Translation of the dream: fickle love

bulletproof vest 64
Interpretation: prudence and caution

baste jackets 75
Sense of the dream: need for caution

wearing vest 88
What does it mean: take the reins of a situation that ails you

give it cardigan 72
Meaning of the dream: aids and facilities

spatula 88
Description: stubborn fight

apothecary 1
Interpretation of the dream: usurer, dishonest man

still chemist 75
Translation: greater autonomy of action

do the apothecary 4
Dream description: you are too insincere to take chances

coat collar 11
Meaning: envy masked

white waistcoat 81
Translation of the dream: agreement with the family

quilted vest 24
Interpretation: remorse

dirty undershirt 37
Sense of the dream: hard times

baste vest 14
What does it mean: projects that fail

toga 7
Meaning of the dream: legal problems

colored vest 55
Description: external protection

toga lawyer 61
Interpretation of the dream: discussions of interest

cardigan handmade 62
Translation: some important proposals

toga route 30
Dream description: divergences and disagreements

buttoning his vest 39
Meaning: unforeseen procure bitter disappointments

wear the tunic 77
Translation of the dream: joy in family

vest wool 39
Interpretation: Pulse wild

attorney with toga 39
Sense of the dream: joyful life

toga by judge 26
What does it mean: inner problems

silk sweater 70
Meaning of the dream: danger of deception

buy the toga 17
Description: difficulty indirect

toga by professor 79
Interpretation of the dream: hopes for the future

vest with fancy colors 2
Translation: to overcome shyness

dog catcher who takes a dog 23
Dream description: limited freedom

dog catcher who does not take the dog 16
Meaning: amorous adventures