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Pet type louse. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pet type louse. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

louse 9
Meaning of the dream: wealth, gold and silver

louse on him 17
Description: you're annoyed by someone

type of hair 90
Interpretation of the dream: fortune

louse chickens 12
Translation: help from someone close

losing a pet 84
Dream description: dangerous love

pet a friend 22
Meaning: good wishes

rescue a pet 25
Translation of the dream: change of situation

kill a louse in shirt 2
Interpretation: restlessness

problem of another kind 42
Sense of the dream: confusion and indecision

pet the dog 19
What does it mean: faithfulness

artery (blood type system) 67
Meaning of the dream: good chance to boost your work

giraffe as a pet 60
Description: a nearby person is extremely arrogant

suffocate an animal 30
Interpretation of the dream: proposals baffling

Hebrew typeface 60
Translation: discontent and dissatisfaction

typeface round 88
Dream description: quiet life

things of all kinds 48
Meaning: you re too distracted

domestic animal 22
Translation of the dream: little tolerance

black typeface 22
Interpretation: look elsewhere to vent your frenzy

wild animal 66
Sense of the dream: passion accentuated

typeface Latin 3
What does it mean: precipitous actions

animal that flies 45
Meaning of the dream: ailments passengers

large animal 87
Description: quarrels that will end up in good

the Italian typeface 15
Interpretation of the dream: some people do not trust friends

guy has an argument 22
Translation: desire for power

Pets superintend 85
Dream description: aggressiveness

embrace animal 35
Meaning: tries to focus more at work

see an animal in the cave 44
Translation of the dream: everything will be for the better

rapacious animal 75
Interpretation: impressionability

see a groundhog animal 88
Sense of the dream: poverty and laziness

Animal cranium 76
What does it mean: good health

chaining pets 67
Meaning of the dream: see a man or a woman to look

ferocious animal skull 51
Description: difficult situations

wild animal trade 55
Interpretation of the dream: hasty actions

take an animal 76
Translation: Danger averted

drown an animal 34
Dream description: unforeseen obstacles

immunize an animal 32
Meaning: happy opportunity

call an animal 67
Translation of the dream: marital disagreements

animal kingdom 46
Interpretation: wish come true

monstrous animal 87
Sense of the dream: thwarted love

train an animal 16
What does it mean: protection of young people

lighten an animal 15
Meaning of the dream: wise intentions

beat an animal 71
Description: malignant insinuations

injure an animal 69
Interpretation of the dream: concerns and serious problems

Heat an animal 45
Translation: finances increasing

force an animal 37
Dream description: secret reports

see race course without any races 75
Meaning: Gain shortages in their activities

purge an animal 71
Translation of the dream: unexpected gain

sacrificing an animal 16
Interpretation: slight opposition

animal 22
Sense of the dream: need love

stroking an animal 11
What does it mean: opposition to jealousy

strangle an animal 69
Meaning of the dream: lack of organization

kill an animal 83
Description: malignant insinuations