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Pet turtle. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pet turtle. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pet a friend 22
Meaning of the dream: good wishes

pet the dog 19
Description: faithfulness

losing a pet 84
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous love

rescue a pet 25
Translation: change of situation

giraffe as a pet 60
Dream description: a nearby person is extremely arrogant

turtle 78
Meaning: success in work

see the turtle 12
Translation of the dream: lack of prudence

sea ​​turtle 36
Interpretation: economic security

turtle dead 8
Sense of the dream: obstinacy and malice

eat the turtle 85
What does it mean: earned success

hatching turtle 80
Meaning of the dream: windfall gains

range of turtle 67
Description: maturation of projects

turtle bracelet 64

turtle pipe 50

rimmed glasses turtle 82
Dream description: prospects happy

top box turtle 84

aquarium with turtles 35
Translation of the dream: success in work

beat carpets 82
Interpretation: selfish concerns

wooden puppet 16
Sense of the dream: cheerfulness justified

puppet wax 90
What does it mean: demonstration of gratitude

recitation of puppets 77
Meaning of the dream: organizational capacity

appetite 16
Description: pain near

have a strong appetite 23
Interpretation of the dream: removal of relatives and friends

petrol 33
Translation: unexpected aid

puppet 48
Dream description: cheerfulness

compete 90
Meaning: decision without thinking

compete at auction 15
Translation of the dream: bad reputation

competition 13
Interpretation: harmony in everything

competition exam 90
Sense of the dream: lively insight

ear trumpet 12
What does it mean: honesty and uprightness

petting dogs 70
Meaning of the dream: various dangers

sports competition 65
Description: unrequited love

ignite petrol 72
Interpretation of the dream: rapid change

see or do a puppet 77
Translation: snares of woman

swim in competition with others 64
Dream description: difficult relationships

parapet 14
Meaning: return of old favorites

parapet of a bridge 60
Translation of the dream: arriving

parapet of a window 58
Interpretation: period gray and banal

parapet of a balcony 12
Sense of the dream: inconvenience to jealousy

passage of sporting competition 70
What does it mean: Excessive fantasy

Petroleum 8
Meaning of the dream: for a farmer, there will be abundant fruit and put in camps, for others, well-being and good fortune

buy the petroleum 7
Description: sense of responsibility

prepare for a competition 29
Interpretation of the dream: negotiations rather long

designed puppet 48
Translation: physical fatigue

puppet carved 9
Dream description: complications and troubles of all kinds

puppets 1
Meaning: subordinates, zealous in domestic production of the acts of these puppets