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Personal name jordan. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream personal name jordan. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

personal cleanliness 87
Meaning of the dream: happiness

stalk for personal interest 37
Description: business stagnant

give a personal item 39
Interpretation of the dream: profitable activities

beautify the person 88
Translation: help from a friend

blind person 20
Dream description: mourning relatives

acclaim personality policies 21
Meaning: unfortunate encounter

approach a person of high rank 27
Translation of the dream: honors

enameled sink 64
Interpretation: changes of opinion

bite a person 7
Sense of the dream: joys and pleasures

flatter a personality 32
What does it mean: false confidence

bury a living person 79
Meaning of the dream: unfair competition

raise a person 19
Description: wisdom actions

person ambiguous 14
Interpretation of the dream: improvised by the children

applaud a personality 39
Translation: sudden wealth

shiftyeyed person 80
Dream description: there is someone in your life that you do not trust

Enameled arsenal 27
Meaning: unexpected benefit

toast for a name day 36
Translation of the dream: mood changes

person elusive 5
Interpretation: do not you want to take some important responsibilities

be approached by a high-ranking person 16
Sense of the dream: honor and profit

see an elderly person 42
What does it mean: happiness

see surrender a person 11
Meaning of the dream: fortune

observe the absence of a person 34
Description: favorable business meeting

opponent a person 64
Interpretation of the dream: Good news

warn a person 64
Translation: Good news

approach by a person 16
Dream description: honors

mustache person 75
Meaning: Luckily nearby

see a person dressed in white 77
Translation of the dream: You re lucky in the affairs of this period

enameled bowl 15
Interpretation: unfounded fears

contradict a person 18
Sense of the dream: benefits from family

enameled crown 85
What does it mean: strange encounter

compel a person 39
Meaning of the dream: chatter

decant a person 81
Description: requests for help

demolish a person 30
Interpretation of the dream: sentimental mishap

decay of a person 10
Translation: Negative thoughts

person unadorned 27
Dream description: maturity of spirit

detachment from a person 74
Meaning: alarming news

exciting person 12
Translation of the dream: fleeting pleasures

name list 62
Interpretation: reconciliation with relatives

person equivocal 82
Sense of the dream: nervous tension

prevent a person 62
What does it mean: exuberant fantasy

Centenary person very advanced in years 16
Meaning of the dream: useful meetings

fun with distinct person 37
Description: luck and honors

treasurer (person of the economized) 38
Interpretation of the dream: visit

facilitate a person 17
Translation: capacity of resistance

injure a person 5
Dream description: disappointments

stop a person 85
Meaning: lively imagination