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Peaches huge. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream peaches huge. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

buy peaches 80
Meaning of the dream: tough business

eat peaches 21
Description: new sympathies

pick peaches 6
Interpretation of the dream: economic benefits

peaches on the tree 85
Translation: new knowledge

peaches 2
Dream description: talk inconclusive

ripe peaches 29
Meaning: good health

candy peaches 55
Translation of the dream: good news

give peaches 45
Interpretation: obstacles overcome

unripe peaches 78
Sense of the dream: lack of reflection

basket with peaches 86
What does it mean: a good chance

peach jam 47
Meaning of the dream: work, fatigue, discouragement

huge hat 89
Description: restless spirit

peach tree 36
Interpretation of the dream: contrariness

peach branch 36
Translation: contrariness

peach flower 11
Dream description: period of reflection in love

monumental tomb 89
Meaning: conquests valid

flayed 1
Translation of the dream: friends wounds

giant 16
Interpretation: auspicious, increase revenue cash

millipedes 72
Sense of the dream: huge problem that you can not overcome

colossus 11
What does it mean: ruin next

giant penguin 16
Meaning of the dream: emotions like

vast kingdom 9
Description: rebellion useless

flayed rabbits 60
Interpretation of the dream: good solutions

flayed animal 73
Translation: mild illness

flayed oxen 41
Dream description: interests thwarted

ladybug giant 48
Meaning: the likely entry of money

eel flayed 55
Translation of the dream: great fortune

prunes 39
Interpretation: emotional block or creative

flayed cats 83
Sense of the dream: desire for love

flayed lambs 64
What does it mean: loyalty in friendship

big house 25
Meaning of the dream: notoriety and prestige

vast plains and extended 2
Description: joy, success, leisure travel

red plums 78
Interpretation of the dream: exchange of gifts

yellow plums 13
Translation: exaggerated claims

candied plums 9
Dream description: thwarted love

eating plums 46
Meaning: Suffering for jealousy

confess their sins 37
Translation of the dream: unreasonable fees

dry prune 2
Interpretation: probably people who frequently are not very honest

atone for sins 64
Sense of the dream: complicated situation

unripe plums 9
What does it mean: projects of union

fresh plums 36
Meaning of the dream: solid friendships

prune trees 67
Description: lively intelligence and brilliant

stewed prunes 27
Interpretation of the dream: physical discomfort

ripe plums 11
Translation: happy successful business

pick plums 17
Dream description: great event

shallows prunes 84
Meaning: unexpected delays

basket with plums 76
Translation of the dream: longing secret

fishing lover 4
Interpretation: inventive spirit

go fishing 9
Sense of the dream: missteps avoided

fishing boat 90
What does it mean: excitement exaggerated

Boat Fishing 89
Meaning of the dream: emotional character

ship with fishermen 18
Description: security and sobriety

albatross (bird) 64
Interpretation of the dream: Good news from far off place

fishing tools 5
Translation: awaits loss in your business

basket with fish 29
Dream description: peace in the family