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Paw mouse. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream paw mouse. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

kid paw 36
Meaning of the dream: flatterers dangerous

ox paw 12
Description: gossip of neighbors

paw dog or cat 9
Interpretation of the dream: thoughts to our friends

paw 84
Translation: a man you educated offender

mouse tail 28
Dream description: triumph over enemies

muzzle mouse 16
Meaning: feelings of resentment

live mouse 23
Translation of the dream: your spouse you faithful

catch a mouse 70
Interpretation: skills in business

take a mouse 60
Sense of the dream: clarify misunderstandings

mouse 11
What does it mean: the money you have paid will not be returned

baby mouse 74
Meaning of the dream: need for affection

mouse in trap 6
Description: important news

mouse in the pantry 37
Interpretation of the dream: Negotiations disappointing

mouse in the house 88
Translation: your fortune threatened

mouse in the bed 5
Dream description: health hazard

dead mouse 51
Meaning: family disgrace

kill a mouse 34
Translation of the dream: You have eliminated an opponent

mouse in the closet 55
Interpretation: family responsibilities

cat and mouse 35
Sense of the dream: friendship misplaced

11 - Smorfia classic: mice 11

gray mice 35
Meaning of the dream: desire for love

Houndstooth 76
Description: loss of property

mice on his body 74
Interpretation of the dream: long period of opposition

mice on their person 74
Translation: long period of opposition

claw 55
Dream description: Love at Large

spider leg 44
Meaning: obstinacy and stubbornness

wing rail 40
Translation of the dream: decisions to make

eagle claw 32
Interpretation: blunders to avoid

rat 26
Sense of the dream: secret enemy harmful

lion claw 4
What does it mean: anguish of love

Cat's Claw 26
Meaning of the dream: to cultivate new interests

white mice 78
Description: good relations

trap mice 65
Interpretation of the dream: trouble with family

tame mice 13
Translation: misery

grab mice 73
Dream description: innate optimism

flush out mice 80
Meaning: threats dark

mice in the house 4
Translation of the dream: family troubles

mice into mouth 10
Interpretation: momentary troubles

rat in a trap 78
Sense of the dream: feel the weight of your responsibilities

hang out bad friends 30
What does it mean: confusing situation

mice in the closet 55
Meaning of the dream: family responsibilities

cesspool with mice 16
Description: chat slanderers

rodent (mice or other family) 19
Interpretation of the dream: meetings too easy and therefore dangerous

tree top 6
Translation: Good news coming

be afraid of the rat 56
Dream description: evidence of common sense

feet 3
Meaning: next a trip or the departure of a few family

short leg 30
Translation of the dream: momentary satisfaction

falcon punch 8
Interpretation: pleasure

claw falcon 54
Sense of the dream: cheating dangerous

handful of candy 40
What does it mean: you will lose the game

Clutch beard 51
Meaning of the dream: economic hardship

stake bat 6
Description: wealth, fortune

handful of earth 14
Interpretation of the dream: coincidences

clutch with oil 11
Translation: afflictions of love

mice in the pantry 37
Dream description: Negotiations disappointing

mice 66
Meaning: guilt or envy

handful of lupins 22
Translation of the dream: fun trip