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Patient who escapes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream patient who escapes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

patient 46
Meaning of the dream: little desire to fight

assisting a patient 31
Description: rapid convalescence

stretcher with a patient 26
Interpretation of the dream: intrigues foiled

religious at a patient 15
Translation: obstacles overcome

villain who escapes 19
Dream description: solitude

contractor who escapes 76
Meaning: bad news

cashier who escapes 79
Translation of the dream: sick passenger

guard who escapes 55
Interpretation: malaise

protester who escapes 59
Sense of the dream: interesting novelty

gunner who escapes 38
What does it mean: alarming news

Finch who escapes 55
Meaning of the dream: You are unscrupulous and you'll have some disappointments

wild boar who escapes 16
Description: change

ambulance with a patient 16
Interpretation of the dream: support from children

schoolgirl who escapes 77
Translation: new businesses

robber who escapes 86
Dream description: need for economies

banker who escapes 5
Meaning: alarming news

pickpocket who escapes 29
Translation of the dream: inconstancy in action

boarder who escapes 36
Interpretation: deception on the part of a family

prisoner who escapes 60
Sense of the dream: initiative compromised

Archpriest who escapes 87
What does it mean: insecurity

assassin who escapes 87
Meaning of the dream: threads for interest

conspirator who escapes 6
Description: new initiatives

longhair who escapes 84
Interpretation of the dream: you recognize yourself your trespasses

animal that escapes 24
Translation: Danger averted

lifer who escapes 88
Dream description: You're conformist

beast escapes 13
Meaning: disturbing thoughts

lion escapes 15
Translation of the dream: risk of theft

hyena escapes 88
Interpretation: gains ahead

canary escapes 45
Sense of the dream: criticism and nasty comments

bison that escapes 15
What does it mean: profits and satisfaction

ghost escapes 32
Meaning of the dream: squabbles interest

Leopard escapes 61
Description: dangerous hazards

cat escapes 82
Interpretation of the dream: behavior change

inmate who flees 86
Translation: excessive fatigue

old sick 19
Dream description: adaptability to the environment

kid who flees 8
Meaning: calculations involved

king who flees 28
Translation of the dream: good intuition

financier who flees 25
Interpretation: work to streamline

monkey escapes 6
Sense of the dream: Company nice

mule that runs away 5
What does it mean: news from afar

administrator who flees 21
Meaning of the dream: resistance to work

hunter who eats 25
Description: unforeseen obstacles

gardener who sows 90
Interpretation of the dream: serenity in love

gardener who picks 11
Translation: temporary difficulties

rower who competes 15
Dream description: good luck next clue to the game

mason who cries 27
Meaning: contrasting moods

jailer who strikes 69
Translation of the dream: challenging decision

gardener who hoe 25
Interpretation: next news

banker who collects 36
Sense of the dream: lack of generosity

deputy who writes 78
What does it mean: painful disappointments

gardener who cleans 4
Meaning of the dream: joy as a conquest