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Patch up stockings. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream patch up stockings. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

patch up stockings 28
Meaning of the dream: sadness

try stockings 29
Description: good omen

do stockings 14
Interpretation of the dream: success in love

mutate stockings 63
Translation: rest, security

shaped stockings 7
Dream description: Effective Partnerships

patch up a carpet 41
Meaning: good chance

Garter stockings 5
Translation of the dream: dualism embarrassing

having stockings 70
Interpretation: good wishes

thread stockings or cotton 9
Sense of the dream: Fortunately mediocre

elastic stockings 16
What does it mean: regret late

fleshcolored stockings 9
Meaning of the dream: durable successes

patch up 30
Description: poverty and misfortune

silk stockings 40
Interpretation of the dream: loss of belongings

patch up a lot 36
Translation: constructive efforts

woolen stockings 29
Dream description: tough love

fishnet stockings 68
Meaning: incompatibility of character

patch covered 77
Translation of the dream: eccentricity harmful

patch breeches 10
Interpretation: rumors female

patch shirts 79
Sense of the dream: vanity without substance

patch sheets 32
What does it mean: not meddle in things that do not concern you

elbow patch 29
Meaning of the dream: goodwill

patch on clothes 41
Description: mind your own

patch underwear 7
Interpretation of the dream: new responsibilities

socks or tights 45
Translation: intimacy protection or practicality

patch pants 12
Dream description: critical

white socks 11
Meaning: diplomacy with superiors

slip socks 72
Translation of the dream: It will be granted aid

new socks 1
Interpretation: unworkable ideas

mending socks 53
Sense of the dream: economic improvement

patch of rust 19
What does it mean: agitated thoughts

socks 13
Meaning of the dream: new possibilities

eye patch 43
Description: unexpected news

socks routes 69
Interpretation of the dream: indifference in love

adjust socks 6
Translation: ephemeral joys

darning socks 77
Dream description: personal affirmation

buy socks 11
Meaning: requited love

find socks 29
Translation of the dream: new possibilities

wool socks 22
Interpretation: unrequited love

twist the socks 11
Sense of the dream: trouble with women

match socks 16
What does it mean: serenity disturbed

socks with embroidery 33
Meaning of the dream: intuitions wrong

socks with row 54
Description: useful information

take off your socks 6
Interpretation of the dream: return to good condition

mending a shoe 87
Translation: great fortune

wand for socks 83
Dream description: confidences to avoid

buy pair of socks 13
Meaning: loss of a friend

see socks with holes in them 1
Translation of the dream: deceptive appearance of fortune

disentangle 35
Interpretation: reassuring news

masquerade 77
Sense of the dream: crushes

mend 53
What does it mean: poverty and misfortune

mending clothes 36
Meaning of the dream: major change

untangle ropes 8
Description: good harmony

tights 25
Interpretation of the dream: you will have strong shoulders to tackle a problem

untangle the sails 19
Translation: strong personality

patched 12
Dream description: great critical sense

mending see 37
Meaning: reconciliation with a friend