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Pasture with cattle. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pasture with cattle. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pasture with cattle 29
Meaning of the dream: bright future

green pasture 81
Description: safe returns

Alpine pasture 16
Interpretation of the dream: hard work

pasture 3
Translation: marital fidelity

escorting cattle 28
Dream description: business acumen

cattle of sheep, horses or cows 18
Meaning: abundance and richness

breed of cattle 47
Translation of the dream: windfall

matchmaker cattle 53
Interpretation: business difficult to solve

bivouac cattle 35
Sense of the dream: willingness tenacious

gathering of cattle 40
What does it mean: economic benefits

small cattle 9
Meaning of the dream: good address, success in love or in a deal any

Cattle burning 20
Description: abrupt change

watering cattle 4
Interpretation of the dream: falsehood

sell cattle 16
Translation: great precautions

graze cattle 64
Dream description: construction business

watching cattle 9
Meaning: possible humiliation

cattle fair 82
Translation of the dream: attention to flatterers

grassland with sheep 84
Interpretation: patiently waiting

pig grazing 29
Sense of the dream: special joy

livestock Boarding 50
What does it mean: dangerous trip

donkey grazing 49
Meaning of the dream: lasting stability

Lamb grazing 67
Description: period that you are carefree

cattle dealer 70
Interpretation of the dream: bad period

corral 16
Translation: health recovery

ox grazing 81
Dream description: events pleased

famine of livestock 59
Meaning: separation for a chat

barnyard with livestock 3
Translation of the dream: economic security

grazing herd 61
Interpretation: moral force

sheep grazing 87
Sense of the dream: impediments and opposition

buffalo grazing 16
What does it mean: devotion to family

horse grazing 18
Meaning of the dream: letter

foal grazing 16
Description: tests estimate

lambs grazing or dormant 5
Interpretation of the dream: sudden fright

exhibition of livestock 80
Translation: changing situation

livestock transport 12
Dream description: personal prestige

lead grazing animals 42
Meaning: supports trust

ox or oxen 54
Translation of the dream: profit and abundance

stand under the willow 31
Interpretation: moral suffering

willow near water 19
Sense of the dream: difficult days

see cows 1
What does it mean: prosperity in proportion to the number

fight against the beasts 29
Meaning of the dream: suffering and infirmity

guardian of cows 52
Description: life joyful

cave with beasts 18
Interpretation of the dream: insecurity

see a willow 21
Translation: sadness and loss

brawl with the beasts 8
Dream description: short illness

joke with the beasts 19
Meaning: great happiness

ark with animals 64
Translation of the dream: novelty good neighbors

cow with calf 48
Interpretation: right judgment

oxen to the wagon 56
Sense of the dream: impatience

cow with the plow 75
What does it mean: gumption

see animals grazing 60
Meaning of the dream: fortune

fight with wild beasts 13
Description: liberation from grave danger

beast 33
Interpretation of the dream: harassment

head of animal 2
Translation: great vitality

force an animal 37
Dream description: secret reports

to be won 61
Meaning: little attention to job

money earned 67
Translation of the dream: imprudence dangerous

see beasts clash and fight 86
Interpretation: harassment from friends