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Pasta and sugar. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pasta and sugar. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sugar 28
Meaning of the dream: an untrustworthy friend tries to miss

on pasta 11
Description: changing character

pasta 19
Interpretation of the dream: healthy intuition

crumple sugar 27
Translation: Deception woman

sugar cane 67
Dream description: struggles in family

bag of sugar 11
Meaning: self-doubt

weigh sugar 85
Translation of the dream: important deal to return

beat sugar 1
Interpretation: triumph over difficulties

refined sugar 37
Sense of the dream: trouble from work

Lots of sugar 8
What does it mean: probable invitations

dissolve sugar 36
Meaning of the dream: serene happiness

sugar syrup 82
Description: good organization

stock up on sugar 7
Interpretation of the dream: ailment passenger


sugar stick 8

barrel with sugar 5

baked with sugar 36

case with sugar 69

buy sugar 10

granulated sugar 59

wrapping sugar 72

packet of sugar 78

sugar bowl 82

sugar porcelain 47

sugar factory 6

icing sugar 76

sugar clarification 78

sugar donut 87

Strawberry with sugar 34

Sugar Foam 22

baked pasta 58
What does it mean: fruitful collaboration

fresh pasta 21
Meaning of the dream: great satisfaction

pasta in broth 3
Description: labors in the work

pasta with butter 75
Interpretation of the dream: benevolent people

pasta with sauce 10
Translation: to avoid provocations

drain pasta 26
Dream description: money refund

timbale of pasta 66
Meaning: generous impulses

pasta with clams 72
Translation of the dream: fickle mood

boil the pasta 7
Interpretation: negative issues in love

workshop of pasta 11

foil with pasta 90

pasta factory 86

shaped pasta 16

scratch pasta 68

soup pasta 80

fill of pasta 8

export pasta 84

pasta fettuccine 36

forkful of pasta 56

cool pasta 77

Pasta with tomato 6

pasta with corn 12

pasta with potatoes 38

pasta with eggs 9

painter pasta 40

for pasta noodles 3

pot with pasta 76
Meaning: outstanding issues that will be resolved

weigh pasta 64

sugar bowl silver 7

pasta factory steam 3
Sense of the dream: good intentions

whisk egg yolk with sugar 59
What does it mean: small disappointment

toothpaste 35
Meaning of the dream: vain hopes of improvement

carpenter paste 31
Description: luck and success

paste 54
Interpretation of the dream: suffer unjust action

paste posters 69
Translation: Dispute interest

paste paper 38
Dream description: friendships to resume

paste envelopes 3
Meaning: false position

paste books 72
Translation of the dream: ties difficult

paste stamps 34
Interpretation: tough assignments