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Passage bright. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream passage bright. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

passage prohibited 4
Meaning of the dream: serious difficulties

prohibit the passage 16
Description: benefit safe

passage of the Gospel 12
Interpretation of the dream: to strengthen ties

passage of birds 89
Translation: ties secrets

bright hallway 52
Dream description: misunderstandings clarified

passage 8
Meaning: transient changes in life

dark passage 83
Translation of the dream: fight with oneself

difficult passage 87
Interpretation: unwelcome complications

lighthouse very bright 47
Sense of the dream: freedom of decision

bright circle 26
What does it mean: nervous tension

find a bright 20
Meaning of the dream: sorrows in family

passage of sporting competition 70
Description: Excessive fantasy

bright chest 25
Interpretation of the dream: conduct changeable and inconstant

passage (corridor) 22
Translation: you ll run into good news

bright rocket 7
Dream description: travel plans

obstruct a passage 15
Meaning: Fears for the future

bright little button 68
Translation of the dream: realization of a project

bright environment 59
Interpretation: pedantry in work

panel in bright 45
Sense of the dream: moodiness and nervousness

secret Passage 67
What does it mean: You would like to try something transgressive

bracelet with bright 82
Meaning of the dream: inconstancy

drawer with bright 79
Description: clumsiness

bright constellation 88
Interpretation of the dream: fortunate circumstances

brilliant 64
Translation: Power and joys coming

bright blue water 25
Dream description: awaits an excellent future

brilliant discovery 66
Meaning: external protection

brilliant career 89
Translation of the dream: pride and pride

receiving a brilliant 71
Interpretation: illusions of short duration

sell a brilliant 57
Sense of the dream: difficulties in work

losing a brilliant 85
What does it mean: rebellion to their own state

buy brilliant 27
Meaning of the dream: economic difficulties

brilliant fake 11
Description: pretentious attitudes

brilliant mounted 72
Interpretation of the dream: aggressive manifestations

brilliant Stolen 7
Translation: need for waivers

expensive brilliant 77
Dream description: astuteness in business

brilliant giving 76
Meaning: better future

donate a brilliant 86
Translation of the dream: falsehood and hypocrisy of relatives

brilliant comedian 87
Interpretation: melancholia

passing soldiers 9
Sense of the dream: joys family

brilliant lose 90
What does it mean: You want to get rid of a bad habit

rail crossing 71
Meaning of the dream: unexpected news

subway 15
Description: positive solutions

portcullis 74
Interpretation of the dream: unfinished business if you do it with your hands

light signal 15
Translation: moral force

crossing arms 50
Dream description: aggressive impulsivity

pedestrian crossing 30
Meaning: unnecessary troubles

brilliant button 80
Translation of the dream: gift on arrival

crossing a mountain pass 72
Interpretation: payout of hostilities

rail of a railroad crossing 32
Sense of the dream: decisive events

shiny fabric 85
What does it mean: quiet life

shiny cross 5
Meaning of the dream: you will have job offers

shining star 28
Description: cheating dangerous

interlocking brilliant 63
Interpretation of the dream: harmony