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Pass a door. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pass a door. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pass 8
Meaning of the dream: someone deceives

pass yourself 88
Description: melancholy and fatigue

I will pass 15

pass on the river 49
Translation: businesses safe

pass over the ditch 29
Dream description: deception

pass a bridge 19
Meaning: sorrows of love

pass exams 55
Translation of the dream: thoughts and concerns

pass a trouble 17
Interpretation: valuable advice

pass a test 32
Sense of the dream: interesting links

pass in review 17
What does it mean: exuberance and vitality

pass an examination 71
Meaning of the dream: being at home

pass a milestone 56
Description: Proposals should not be overlooked

rail pass 9
Interpretation of the dream: active temperament

pass for a square 43
Translation: good moral quality

pass through on foot 85
Dream description: conclusion of business

pass of the day 83
Meaning: viable projects

pass slowly 3
Translation of the dream: indecision harmful

pass with a woman 9
Interpretation: resentments

pass with a man 41
Sense of the dream: aspirations and desires

pass with a child 20
What does it mean: physical recovery

pass the border 43
Meaning of the dream: waste of energy

pass a field 3

a mountain pass 54

crossing a mountain pass 72
Translation: payout of hostilities

pass a river swimming 84
Dream description: hopes that come true

pass a river boat 49
Meaning: businesses safe

pass off fake money 59

look out the door 88
Interpretation: happy change

in the door 46
Sense of the dream: solutions of heart problems

door 18
What does it mean: boredom, fatigue

the door ajar 11
Meaning of the dream: secret fears

fix a door 18
Description: envy declared

knock at the door 69
Interpretation of the dream: a dream come true

knock on the door 4
Translation: nostalgic spirit

door hinge 18
Dream description: short shift

close to the door 9
Meaning: lasting commitment

force a door 56
Translation of the dream: fantasy lit

door of the house 64
Interpretation: better fortune

open door 68
Sense of the dream: harmony of relationships

closed door 4
What does it mean: great disappointment

door burglarized 74
Meaning of the dream: risk dangerous

door ajar 9
Description: loving relationships

creaking door 59
Interpretation of the dream: gossip and intrigue

secret door 18
Translation: difficult relationships

wooden door 69
Dream description: hard work

a church door 29
Meaning: slow improvement

holy door 90
Translation of the dream: great fortune

open the door 1
Interpretation: new relationships

postman at the door 14
Sense of the dream: big news

open a door 28
What does it mean: imminent danger to health

crouch behind the door 18
Meaning of the dream: challenges to overcome

wrong door 4
Description: lack of self-confidence

barring a door 11
Interpretation of the dream: energy costs hurt

slam the door 64
Translation: illusion of short duration

unhinge a door 74
Dream description: betrayal of a friend

unrivet a door 82
Meaning: jealousy accentuated

door lock 15
Translation of the dream: disappointment and discussions

break through a door 4
Interpretation: contrasts work

a door seal 48
Sense of the dream: declining health

squint a door 5
What does it mean: experience fun

slide the door 25
Meaning of the dream: unfounded jealousy

seal a door 9
Description: dangerous hazards

pierce a door 3
Interpretation of the dream: argument and discussion

front door 60
Translation: successful safe

door of the church 90
Dream description: serenity reports

large door 24
Meaning: favorable agreements

small door 49
Translation of the dream: sad thoughts

revolving door 17
Interpretation: new interests

stand at the door 18
Sense of the dream: nervous tension