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Parting with boyfriends. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream parting with boyfriends. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

parting from parents 9
Meaning of the dream: financial mess

abandoned by her boyfriend 37
Description: triumph over enemies

airport with planes departing 84
Interpretation of the dream: good resolutions

frolicking with boyfriend 43
Translation: important news

partial anesthesia 29
Dream description: agitation passing

be near a partition 47
Meaning: It is disturbed in a tryst

attend a dance without participating 3
Translation of the dream: optimum health and long and healthy life

track with train departing 75
Interpretation: nice trip

participate in a conspiracy 78
Sense of the dream: great illusions

partial dentures 77
What does it mean: impossible projects

partial eclipse 43
Meaning of the dream: requited love

participate in a coffee 12
Description: before acting currency situation well

finishing (particularity of a job) 18
Interpretation of the dream: patience

participate in a robbery 79
Translation: difficult situations

participation 22
Dream description: money returned

Participation of birth 40
Meaning: joyful expectation

participation of marriage 72
Translation of the dream: unfounded fears

participation death 80
Interpretation: physical weakness

ciborium with particles 70
Sense of the dream: inner peace

particular of an ear 3
What does it mean: slander

particle 20
Meaning of the dream: You lose a part of your belongings

assist or participate in water polo 33
Description: useful meetings

participate in the recitation 84
Interpretation of the dream: thoughts and concerns

participating in a regatta 10
Translation: abrupt change

participate in a revolution 63
Dream description: deserved awards

participate in a festival 28
Meaning: exuberant vitality

partial strike 12
Translation of the dream: sense of boredom and laziness

suspect boyfriend 30
Interpretation: emotional upsets

betray boyfriend 72
Sense of the dream: momentary whims

partition 45
What does it mean: It is disturbed in a tryst

wooden partition 17
Meaning of the dream: emotional spirit

partition brick 75
Description: advantageous changes

build a partition 37
Interpretation of the dream: ambition fulfilled

partition falling 59
Translation: hopes dashed

train departing 40
Dream description: minded

wagon departing 81
Meaning: exciting adventure

participate in a vintage 32
Translation of the dream: profitable business

fondle her boyfriend 87
Interpretation: delays and problems

supervising boyfriend 74
Sense of the dream: practical realization

bipartite 89

boyfriend hurt 81

impartiality 29

imparting drawings 52

letter of boyfriend 60

healthy boyfriend 4

call your boyfriend 54

particle fall 60

particle consecrated 50

particularize 3

partisans 51

partial 21