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Parliament elections. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream parliament elections. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

inaugurate parliament 58
Meaning of the dream: sorrows

Parliament dissolved 58
Description: useful clarifications

dissolve parliament 59
Interpretation of the dream: confused

Members of parliament 4
Translation: possibility of gains

parliament 10
Dream description: hard struggles to sustain

parliament building 8
Meaning: hard struggles to sustain

Parliament in session 46
Translation of the dream: unwelcome chatter

seat parliament 70
Interpretation: good health

Member of Parliament 1
Sense of the dream: hopes dashed

be part of parliament 18
What does it mean: renewal of friendships

sticking to elections 75
Meaning of the dream: limited views

Member of Parliament in session 83
Description: treat yourself to a little rest

attend a session of parliament 24
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels with neighbors

administrative election 2
Translation: dispersion of forces

polls 45
Dream description: you'll soon be rid of problems

election of an organ 29
Meaning: you are rejecting important responsibilities

municipal election 14
Translation of the dream: penalty, wrongful conviction

political election 18
Interpretation: you have the ability not to break down the barriers

election of the king 61
Sense of the dream: propitious days

reelect a president 18
What does it mean: friendships helpful

election of the pope 30
Meaning of the dream: happy new possibilities

re-elect 38
Description: excessive vanity

election campaign 66
Interpretation of the dream: do not force the times

elect mayor 45
Translation: new commitments to be

re-elect a deputy 78
Dream description: excessive vanity

contest an obligation 61
Meaning: projects that fail

contesting a legacy 15
Translation of the dream: inconvenience of short duration

contesting a law 2
Interpretation: pugnacity

reelect a councilor 42
Sense of the dream: difficulties in work

re-elect a mayor 71
What does it mean: broken promise

dinner with relatives 11
Meaning of the dream: lack of confidence

dinner with men 8
Description: advantages at the expense of other

dinner with women 5
Interpretation of the dream: Failure of a deal

dinner with military 4
Translation: Tangible evidence of friendship

lunch with friends 82
Dream description: momentary satisfaction

dinner with the children 48
Meaning: encouraging results

dinner with priests 49
Translation of the dream: self-confidence

dinner with parents 76
Interpretation: want made

dinner with her husband 46
Sense of the dream: threads to avoid

dinner with her lover 29
What does it mean: rebellion to their own state

dinner with his wife 5
Meaning of the dream: experiences dubious

have lunch 5
Description: you ll have to struggle with the need

dinner only 68
Interpretation of the dream: ingratitude to a friend

go to the airport to leave 66
Translation: liberation from weights

risking money 47
Dream description: dangerous habits

ridge suckling 75
Meaning: seriousness of purpose

bitch suckling 44
Translation of the dream: failed attempt at reconciliation

sheep suckling 26
Interpretation: period serene

see beehive 23
Sense of the dream: distrust of friends

buy 18
What does it mean: happy and prosperous fortune

see wreck 35
Meaning of the dream: what remains a happy time now finished