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Paranormal presence. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream paranormal presence. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

paranormal activities 33
Meaning of the dream: attraction for things futile

presence 24
Description: funeral

regular attendance 19
Interpretation of the dream: nostalgic spirit

pay extraordinary 48
Translation: indolence and laziness

reads extraordinary 38
Dream description: providential help

drug test 40
Meaning: concerns something happened in the past

take an extraordinary step 19
Translation of the dream: You reap the fruits of your labor

appearance of god 84
Interpretation: important moral conquests

proud appearance 84
Sense of the dream: Sudden movement

appearance of dead 46
What does it mean: concentration and profits

ugly appearance 31
Meaning of the dream: hopes that come true

appearance of old 80
Description: gratitude unjustified

appearance of men 34
Interpretation of the dream: ability to convince

appearance of relatives 18
Translation: tranquility of mind

appearance of enemies 14
Dream description: dangerous changes

appearance of women 16
Meaning: perseverance in love

appearance of children 11
Translation of the dream: business acumen

appearance of animals 42
Interpretation: wise resolutions

appearing appearance 85
Sense of the dream: desires achievable

appearance of ghosts 21
What does it mean: luck in business

appearance of devils 44
Meaning of the dream: deserved punishment

appearance of friends 59
Description: enthusiasm for new proposals

appearance of elderly 80
Interpretation of the dream: easy money

appearance of angel 29
Translation: new achievements

appearance of Christ 81
Dream description: protections coveted

having stockings 70
Meaning: good wishes

have a disease 30
Translation of the dream: insecurity

appearance of saints 64
Interpretation: reconciliation with relatives

having modesty 66
Sense of the dream: something blocks your personality

having a mustache 88
What does it mean: innocence

lack of an arm 2
Meaning of the dream: abandonment of the father or marital home

mare bad appearance 32
Description: concubine or servant who dreams of marriage

having a store 45
Interpretation of the dream: wrath

having menstruation 17
Translation: you're in trouble with someone at work

having a callus 31
Dream description: ambitions realized

having a giraffe 49
Meaning: careful not to make mistakes in life's trials

lack of light 62
Translation of the dream: concerns

having reflux 3
Interpretation: something went wrong

not having oxygen 67
Sense of the dream: They lack the strength to act

suspect a cashier 28
What does it mean: nervous disorders

having the plague 54
Meaning of the dream: You will pass through a very difficult period

having heartache 16
Description: heartbreak

lack of view 18
Interpretation of the dream: Action misdirected

donut with a hole 78
Translation: profitable activities

demonstrate a topic 79
Dream description: instability of character

suspect a fraud 36
Meaning: secret aid

notice a scam 72
Translation of the dream: obstacles in work

demonstrate an attitude 57
Interpretation: momentary excitement

having flea on him 79
Sense of the dream: mild illness

not having patience 35
What does it mean: new hope

lack of vegetation 28
Meaning of the dream: work-related problems