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Pair of lovers hidden. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pair of lovers hidden. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

couple in love 15
Meaning of the dream: waiver

hugs of lovers 8
Description: wealth, treasures, visit to a superior to a lawyer, to a great

walk of two lovers 22
Interpretation of the dream: honor passenger

lovers 30
Translation: good omen

angry lovers 51
Dream description: next fortune

lovers in peace 52
Meaning: ability of collaboration

reconcile lovers 84
Translation of the dream: problems to be solved

happy lovers 19
Interpretation: new experiences

discovered lovers 46
Sense of the dream: friendships short

quarrel between lovers 29
What does it mean: novelty disturbing

cheating between lovers 2
Meaning of the dream: advantageous marriage

matter between lovers 21
Description: bitter experiences

cheating among friends or lovers 6
Interpretation of the dream: decline of luck

robbed lovers 31
Translation: flattery interested

discord between lovers 34
Dream description: ingratitude of friends

embraced lovers 73
Meaning: disillusionment in love

lovers in bed 31
Translation of the dream: prudence with neighbors

diamond couple 51
Interpretation: to curb impulsiveness

frolicking with lovers 38
Sense of the dream: emotional relationships stormy

lovers who kill 72
What does it mean: prejudices to avoid

lovers who quarrel 23
Meaning of the dream: understanding family

lovers who are separated 18
Description: self confidence

pair of horses 70
Interpretation of the dream: quick fixes

armed hidden 52
Translation: good job performance

scene between lovers 38
Dream description: difficult days

a pair of acrobats 71
Meaning: risk exceeded

lovers walking 83
Translation of the dream: quarrels among relatives

surprise lovers 14
Interpretation: exciting experience

wounded lovers 38
Sense of the dream: gain in the game

traveling lovers 9
What does it mean: impatience environment

lovers surprised 81
Meaning of the dream: coherence in

pair shoes 33
Description: lack of love

romantic lovers 42
Interpretation of the dream: fast acting

royal couple 18
Translation: immediate satisfaction

couple of eggs 75
Dream description: intrigue difficult to thwart

balcony with lovers 35
Meaning: you need a person who is near

couple of dancers 11
Translation of the dream: accounts to be redone

pair birds 20
Interpretation: sympathies dangerous

pair Cotton 3
Sense of the dream: denotes misfortune

pair socks 39
What does it mean: visit

pair of pigeons 32
Meaning of the dream: good relations with relatives

pair of dogs 4
Description: unexpected aid

pair mules 64
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy and nostalgia

pair gloves 23
Translation: new settings in the work

pair turkeys 38
Dream description: physical and mental weakness

couple 22
Meaning: romance excessive

pair of white horses 61
Translation of the dream: unexpected luck

married couple 21
Interpretation: exaggerated alarmism

pair geese 50
Sense of the dream: small joys

pair poultry 15
What does it mean: revenge on enemies

couple friends 84
Meaning of the dream: good business

pair animals 28
Description: new commitments

pair calves 68
Interpretation of the dream: low energy

pair chickens 15
Translation: Health Concerns