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Paintings and stamps. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream paintings and stamps. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

framed paintings 70
Meaning of the dream: thankfulness

donate paintings 46
Description: mental reservations

pack paintings 26
Interpretation of the dream: important developments

contemplate paintings 4
Translation: threads dangerous

give paintings 40
Dream description: creative intelligence

paintings 30
Meaning: you will be happy in love

gift paintings 19
Translation of the dream: your projects will go up in smoke

paintings of saints 29
Interpretation: strong pleasures

sell paintings 62
Sense of the dream: pride and self-respect

ceiling paintings 35
What does it mean: peace in the family

attach stamps 24
Meaning of the dream: satisfactions by young people

restoring paintings 60
Description: quarrels with family

gallery with paintings 15
Interpretation of the dream: conquests in love

stamps 71
Translation: satisfactions by young people

saints paintings 52
Dream description: advantageous proposals

stick postage stamps 24
Meaning: inner conflicts

catalog of stamps 27
Translation of the dream: initiatives guess

collection of paintings 70
Interpretation: pleasant meeting

counterfeit stamps 69
Sense of the dream: strangeness and originality

buy stamps 13
What does it mean: limited horizon

making paintings 18
Meaning of the dream: profitless joy

paste stamps 34
Description: tough assignments

letter with postage stamps 54
Interpretation of the dream: family disputes

collecting stamps 4
Translation: news from afar

Merchant of paintings 45
Dream description: contacts difficult

stamp collection 74
Meaning: unexpected good news

forger of paintings 69
Translation of the dream: welfare

lady pictures 20
Interpretation: errors of assessment

stamp books 45
Sense of the dream: agreements fruitful

fake painting 46
What does it mean: happy occasion

paint pictures 40
Meaning of the dream: change of situation

cashing pictures 76
Description: marital fidelity

match pictures 70
Interpretation of the dream: suspicions exaggerated

mark pictures 62
Translation: loss of property

retouch pictures 21
Dream description: love of mystery

museum of paintings 58
Meaning: quiet period

brush 6
Translation of the dream: desire to drive out the problems

be painted on boards 39
Interpretation: life long

coming and going 86
Sense of the dream: intentions ambiguous

and it is not 8
What does it mean: Luckily the game

comb and trim 20
Meaning of the dream: excessive confidentiality

go and steal 59
Description: loss process

thunder and lightning 54
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen procure bitter disappointments

ropes and cords 20
Translation: embarrassments and effort

smoke and mirrors 47
Dream description: defeats and disappointments

work and earn 26
Meaning: happy future, profit

stop and look 32
Translation of the dream: distrust of others

wasting and dissipating 5
Interpretation: you will fall into poverty

hydrophobic and screaming 3
Sense of the dream: broken promises

fruit and vegetables 39
What does it mean: Fortunately coming

measures and weights 33
Meaning of the dream: You are a slave of prejudices

macaroni and tomato 37
Description: no satisfaction and no worries

macaroni and butter 72
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties and opposition

cat and mouse 35
Translation: friendship misplaced

and fired blanks 59
Dream description: health in danger

capers and olives 10
Meaning: Liberation from concerns

raw and not cooked 19
Translation of the dream: you will have troubles