Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

paint a watercolor

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: paint a watercolor

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25 paint a watercolor
late news

11 watercolor
unnecessary waiting

66 see a watercolor
unnecessary waiting

59 buy watercolor

15 sell a watercolor
justifiable doubts

4 give away a watercolor
excessive shyness

58 hang a watercolor
advice given in bad faith

23 watercolor paints
false hopes

24 watercolor painting
exaggerated pride

59 paint
life long

65 paint in oil
difficulties to be overcome

64 paint in tempera
wishes that come true

40 paint pictures
change of situation

75 paint figures
conquest ephemeral

57 paint landscapes
peace of mind

16 marine paint
momentary depression

30 paint flowers
awards welcome

7 paint a cloth
misplaced hopes

39 paint signs
controversy boring

64 Paint brush
lust for life

36 smell of paint
coldness and calculation

67 paint a picture
new and interesting friendships

84 layer of paint
disorderly actions

28 oil paint
Unexpected Journey

58 colored paint
dispel misunderstandings

60 white paint
flirt interesting

7 wet paint
prudence in speech

59 give the paint
popular initiatives

81 remove the paint
unexpected circumstances

50 stained with paint
envious chatter

8 paint doors
domain on themselves

2 paint a table

38 paint a chair
unannounced visits

82 paint the car

61 paint the bike
resentment useless

83 paint the boat
great sensitivity

29 paint a gate
human contact lackluster

33 paint a floor
arrival of a loved one

37 paint a ceiling
mishap boring

65 paint tubes
need for prudence with money

54 pour paint
slight accident

73 indulge in the pain
good wishes

69 student of painting
overwhelming logic

81 amphora painted
Love that goes out

52 eagle painted
business thwarted

71 painter
good health

70 sorrel pains
stranding business

23 feel pain in the arms
business will be interrupted

11 soothe pain
false information

90 house of pain
doubts tormenting

63 painter's easel
good relations

60 tempera paints
loss of a friend

8 consumed for pain
major change

4 contemplate paintings
threads dangerous

13 writhe in pain
need for self-control

16 painted devil
false security

32 amateur painter

71 painting animals
strength and health

25 painting furniture
mental elasticity

56 painting a wall
rebellion environment

14 conceal pain
unwelcome complications

60 the pain of separation
just aspirations

13 pain
contentment of someone far

24 eye pain
illness of a family member

28 ear pain
unpleasant news

36 pain in the head
trouble with the law

6 emotion of pain
serious responsibility

82 explosion of pain
sense of responsibility

39 be painted on boards
life long

3 pains
evidence from which it come out easily

33 labor pains for a man
pain in the family

51 face painted
bad news coming

30 pain in the leg
waste of money

17 groan of pain
vacillating resolutions

15 garland painted
delusions of grandeur

72 cry of pain
successful completion of tests

26 pack paintings
important developments

70 framed paintings