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Orphanage with overseers. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream orphanage with overseers. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

orphanage with overseers 78
Meaning of the dream: overcome opposition

orphanage 5
Description: shame and pain

take a child from the orphanage 8
Interpretation of the dream: attention to detail

orphanage with nuns 25
Translation: sentimental fulfillment

orphanage with many children 11
Dream description: glitches and mishaps

orphanage with few children 59
Meaning: Unexpected aid

dormitory of orphanage 88
Translation of the dream: false hope

orphan or orphanage 36
Interpretation: It will receive help from a family member in a difficult time

deliver a baby at the orphanage 81
Sense of the dream: Liberation from concerns

raise an orphan 37
What does it mean: business successful

jailer who oversees 44
Meaning of the dream: enmities work

College of orphans 31
Description: request money

overseas 2
Interpretation of the dream: broken promises

country overseas 60
Translation: broken promises

Overseas color 10
Dream description: long-term commitments

Overseas stone 43
Meaning: decisive meeting

orphaned of both parents 46
Translation of the dream: concerns for the future

war orphan 19
Interpretation: hopes and ideals

orphan civil 66
Sense of the dream: revenge useless

orphan abandoned 50
What does it mean: sorrows soon exceeded

orphan in college 72
Meaning of the dream: Dissatisfaction material

to be an orphan 78
Description: betrayed promises

receive an orphan 15
Interpretation of the dream: conclusion of business

warden who oversees 44
Translation: enmities work

oversee work 40
Dream description: important protections

overseer Factory 72
Meaning: joy

guardian of an orphan 67
Translation of the dream: sense of responsibility

Orphans of the company 72

orphan to school 28

orphan street 75

sick orphan 16

orphaned dead 77

orphan hospitalized 56

educating orphans 26