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Ornament. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ornament. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ornament 3
Meaning of the dream: vanity

ornament tacky 85
Description: remarkable strength

gorgeous ornament 31
Interpretation of the dream: fate uncertain

ornament wedding 60
Translation: Action countered

ornament tasteful 76
Dream description: explanations stormy

gaudy ornament 33
Meaning: challenges and obstacles

artistic ornament 42
Translation of the dream: situation rebalanced

ornament themselves with jewelry 33
Interpretation: Pending betrayed

ornamental funerary 49
Sense of the dream: loyalty recognized

adorn adornment of woman 75
What does it mean: vanity

jewel case 20
Meaning of the dream: mysteries that will be revealed soon

wear jewelery 60
Description: disease

sacred ornaments 45
Interpretation of the dream: Unexpected pleasant

hide jewelery 62
Translation: speculations dangerous

bedeck 72
Dream description: wheezing secret

jewelry shop 2
Meaning: ability to be free and independent

rhetoric 30
Translation of the dream: not meddle in speeches

ornaments 35
Interpretation: some past issue may recur

beauty 66
Sense of the dream: moods

elegance 18
What does it mean: clashes of views with relatives

excel for elegance 45
Meaning of the dream: disagreements with your loved one

ointment Beauty 40
Description: indifferent attitudes

artificial Beauty 88
Interpretation of the dream: gain and profit

natural beauty 54
Translation: good organization

flaunt beauty 67
Dream description: talk to women

beautify himself 47
Meaning: have faith, believe in yourself

beautify the garden 51
Translation of the dream: projects fruitless

miss Beauty 77
Interpretation: You should begin to exploit your talents in other ways

makeup (beauty) 56
Sense of the dream: Invitations

beautify a highway 49
What does it mean: consolation

beautify a woman 54
Meaning of the dream: desire for power

beautify your face 8
Description: momentary difficulties

embellishing a church 84
Interpretation of the dream: setback

beautify the house 18
Translation: loss of property

beautifying a city 90
Dream description: deceptions

beautify the person 88
Meaning: help from a friend

beautiful or beauty 6
Translation of the dream: all passengers, also the beauty

attracted by the beauty 89
Interpretation: you're looking at all the ways to achieve your goals

to embellish a piece of furniture 29
Sense of the dream: you are waiting for good news

miss (winner of beauty contests) 77
What does it mean: fortune

believe more beautiful with elegant looks 21
Meaning of the dream: threatening illness or loss of property

elegant lady 49
Description: emotion and passion

elegant footwear 69
Interpretation of the dream: honor from subordinates

elegant wedding 55
Translation: irresolute character

elegant bra 68
Dream description: assertion of power

elegant reception 8
Meaning: quiet serenity

elegant meeting 61
Translation of the dream: moments of distress

elegant tailoring 64
Interpretation: delays and mishaps

elegant toilet 61
Sense of the dream: aid and protection

elegant uniform 5
What does it mean: eventful life

elegant suitcase 31
Meaning of the dream: creative spirit

elegant dress 61
Description: tough win

be stylish 20
Interpretation of the dream: you re comfortable with the others