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Oranges wrapped with foil. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream oranges wrapped with foil. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

suck oranges 74
Meaning of the dream: impulsive instincts

see and eat oranges 4
Description: wounds, pain or simply wrath acute

plenty of oranges 16
Interpretation of the dream: lucky in love

fencing with the foil 62
Translation: love letter

Orange and basket 75
Dream description: spirit dreamer

foil do 10
Meaning: intimate problems

foil torn 43
Translation of the dream: passionate character

foil with money 26
Interpretation: blessings

vacuum foil 6
Sense of the dream: very near death of a close relative

chilblains wrapped 74
What does it mean: lie discovery

foil laundry 3
Meaning of the dream: interests pending

foil with rice 9
Description: hopes fade

foil fencing, fighting with this 36
Interpretation of the dream: discord that will come soon finished

behold wrapped sheet 4
Translation: danger

foil with gold 74
Dream description: do you want to prove your worth

colored sheet 5
Meaning: unusual happenings

foil stamped 15
Translation of the dream: missteps

arms wrapped 11
Interpretation: fraying of nerves

baked with flour 38
Sense of the dream: health hazard

baked biscuits 4
What does it mean: some complications

orange (tree) 84
Meaning of the dream: tears and boredom

fireplace with paper 67
Description: support to be given to a young man

cartouche 34
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction and money

sheet of paper 35
Translation: heredity

new slide 9
Dream description: joys family

baked with wheat 47
Meaning: painful decision

strangle to madness 46
Translation of the dream: unforeseen events

kill for madness 61
Interpretation: improvised by friends

enveloped in the mantle 77
Sense of the dream: your selfishness will damage

orange peel 1
What does it mean: susceptibility excessive

eat the orange 4
Meaning of the dream: wounds, pains

seize orange 16
Description: you re too overbearing

buy orange 35
Interpretation of the dream: your mutual love

leaf 4
Translation: disease of languor

fresh orange juice 17
Dream description: experience fun

cabbage leaf 5
Meaning: obstinacy

printed sheet 25
Translation of the dream: curiosity satisfied

old sheet 76
Interpretation: good health

white sheet 13
Sense of the dream: oddities mood

cotton sheet 6
What does it mean: sudden way out

sheet broke 64
Meaning of the dream: jealousy justified

sheet silver 75
Description: enmities

sheet on the floor 44
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstandings at work

sheet letter 55
Translation: Understanding with friends

leaf wax 56
Dream description: grief, sadness

dry leaf 45
Meaning: agitated thoughts and painful

sheet write 35
Translation of the dream: Alternatively criticism

torn sheet 41
Interpretation: intolerance of others

elm leaf 74
Sense of the dream: sudden incidents

handwritten sheet 89
What does it mean: small gain

green leaf 67
Meaning of the dream: joys family

leaf trampled 56
Description: you re afraid of the instincts

rosemary leaf 8
Interpretation of the dream: optimal solution

rose leaf 58
Translation: do you want to prove your worth