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Orange suitcase. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream orange suitcase. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Orange 48
Meaning of the dream: harmony, balance

orange peel 1
Description: susceptibility excessive

orange (tree) 84
Interpretation of the dream: tears and boredom

eat the orange 4
Translation: wounds, pains

orange blossom 37
Dream description: reforms and settling

clove orange 46
Meaning: false dreams

buy orange 35
Translation of the dream: your mutual love

seize orange 16
Interpretation: you re too overbearing

orange berry 20

drink orange 19

Orange colour 87

essence of orange 67

sweeten orange 10

branch of orange 59

Orange juice 8

orange gear 35

orange granita 76

Orange and basket 75

Apple Orange (tree) 15
Sense of the dream: innocence, famine

orange drink a juice 52
What does it mean: you always want the best without straining

ice cream to orange 2

fresh orange juice 17

suitcase 59
Interpretation of the dream: you re ready for any novelty

keep a suitcase 61
Translation: expected changes in the family or in the work

entrust a suitcase 2
Dream description: quarrels inappropriate

stealing a suitcase 42
Meaning: friendships insecure

steal a suitcase 42
Translation of the dream: treacherous friendships

find a suitcase 80
Interpretation: quarrels and disputes

fiber suitcase 72
Sense of the dream: great dynamism

leather suitcase 21
What does it mean: probability Travel

canvas suitcase 10
Meaning of the dream: joyful events

suitcase bellows 47
Description: fortitude

elegant suitcase 31
Interpretation of the dream: creative spirit

large suitcase 1
Translation: fallacious illusions

small suitcase 59
Dream description: quarrels with relatives

empty suitcase 6
Meaning: well-founded trust

suitcase full 23
Translation of the dream: optimism

suitcase closed 50
Interpretation: curiosity satisfied

open suitcase 87
Sense of the dream: good chance

buy suitcase 33
What does it mean: joy and serenity

give suitcase 19
Meaning of the dream: unexpected support

fill your suitcase 57
Description: momentary happiness

to empty the suitcase 75
Interpretation of the dream: Excessive volatility

find the suitcase 12
Translation: chatter

deposit suitcase 61
Dream description: fantastic dreams

lose suitcase 42
Meaning: exaltation sentimental

steal suitcase 16
Translation of the dream: imprudence

send the suitcase 19
Interpretation: tough business

prepare the suitcase 26
Sense of the dream: something is finally concluded

carry the suitcase in hand 73
What does it mean: embarrassing situation

see and eat oranges 4
Meaning of the dream: wounds, pain or simply wrath acute

suck oranges 74
Description: impulsive instincts

bring suitcases 41
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness

plenty of oranges 16

orangery 18