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Operation blood. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream operation blood. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

operation 78
Meaning of the dream: you need to get something or change their habits

have an operation 10
Description: various unforeseen events

banking operation 23
Interpretation of the dream: business unclear and dangerous

operation bag 18
Translation: to curb impulsiveness

arithmetic operation 81
Dream description: order and precision

financial operation 67
Meaning: referral of project

see making operation 51
Translation of the dream: weakness of character

heart operation 34
Interpretation: success of intent

operation stomach 17
Sense of the dream: solicitude of relatives

operation in one ear 50
What does it mean: excessive polemical spirit

eye operation 1
Meaning of the dream: bad intentions

throat operation 58
Description: quarrels with older people

result of an operation 19
Interpretation of the dream: encouragement and satisfaction

press into operation 3
Translation: work pay

operation deal 18

train operation 27

blood 18
Translation of the dream: a serious illness may strike some family

see blood 12
Interpretation: pitfalls

baptism of blood 15
Sense of the dream: indecision harmful

drink blood 73
What does it mean: imprudence in speaking

mouthful of blood 81
Meaning of the dream: dishonest

whip to blood 56
Description: infirmity

bathe in blood 89
Interpretation of the dream: bad omen

blood stain 81
Translation: fast acting

urinate blood 58
Dream description: good health

blood stains 50
Meaning: bad omen

crime of blood 53
Translation of the dream: rebellion useless

boil the blood 56
Interpretation: new knowledge dangerous

blood sausage 84
Sense of the dream: collisions with relatives

human blood 61
What does it mean: successful activity

animal blood 32
Meaning of the dream: lightening of weights

clotted blood 71
Description: health hazard

blood transfusion 18
Interpretation of the dream: strong contrasts

donate blood 4
Translation: inner tranquility

be stained with blood 36
Dream description: serious disaster

spat blood 18
Meaning: good health

blood serum 49
Translation of the dream: hard work

sucking blood 81
Interpretation: good health

urinating blood 58
Sense of the dream: good health

blood revenge 25
What does it mean: danger of leakage

shed blood 22
Meaning of the dream: from health check

vomiting blood 54
Description: disturbing facts

blood analysis 20

sprinkle the blood 78

Bayonet with blood 24

blood blister 65

basin with blood 12

extricate blood 40

purifying the blood 8

Blood Test 17

expel blood 7

tie with blood 35

gauze with blood 64

drop of blood 14

scratch with blood 76

dripping blood 76

stain with blood 5

chicken blood 68

drying blood 65

blood circulation 21

scaffold with blood 9

lose blood 50

blood spatter 2

see a bandage stained with blood 13
Translation: payout within a short time

wadding soaked with blood 40
Dream description: new fast

blood flowing to earth 9
Meaning: great news

white blood cell 9

artery (blood type system) 67
Interpretation: good chance to boost your work

18 - Smorfia classic: blood 18

accepts bloody 18
What does it mean: trap

sick operated 86
Meaning of the dream: momentary separation

bloody bayonet 8
Description: deceptions hidden

bloody steak 27
Interpretation of the dream: sudden showers

bloodhound small 21
Translation: loss of money

bloodhound chain 18
Dream description: programs to be implemented in common

bloodhound with puppies 65
Meaning: trouble from letters and writings

bloodhound known 52
Translation of the dream: sympathies paid

bloodhound Unknown 11
Interpretation: lack of initiative

lame bloodhound 49
Sense of the dream: nervousness and delicate health

bloodhound lost 41
What does it mean: lack of tranquility in the family

bloodhound found 52
Meaning of the dream: misunderstandings and delays

do arithmetic operations 63
Description: good luck next clue to the game