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Operation at the knees. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream operation at the knees. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pray on their knees 23
Meaning of the dream: substantial improvements

operation 78
Description: you need to get something or change their habits

have an operation 10
Interpretation of the dream: various unforeseen events

banking operation 23
Translation: business unclear and dangerous

operation bag 18
Dream description: to curb impulsiveness

arithmetic operation 81
Meaning: order and precision

financial operation 67
Translation of the dream: referral of project

see making operation 51
Interpretation: weakness of character

heart operation 34
Sense of the dream: success of intent

operation stomach 17
What does it mean: solicitude of relatives

operation in one ear 50
Meaning of the dream: excessive polemical spirit

eye operation 1
Description: bad intentions

throat operation 58
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels with older people

result of an operation 19
Translation: encouragement and satisfaction

press into operation 3
Dream description: work pay

operation deal 18

train operation 27

cataract operation 8
Interpretation: need to clarify doubts

kneeling before an altar 56
Sense of the dream: dispersion of forces

sick operated 86
What does it mean: momentary separation

do arithmetic operations 63
Meaning of the dream: good luck next clue to the game

operating surgeon 7
Description: resolutions constant

cooperator 42
Interpretation of the dream: good comfort in misfortune

operator 89
Translation: earnings

knee 77
Dream description: dispersion of forces

swollen knee 42
Meaning: business in danger

bended knee 78
Translation of the dream: long trip

kneel 90
Interpretation: dispersion of forces

kneel in church 22
Sense of the dream: want made

kneel in the confessional 13
What does it mean: loss of a friend

kneel down to pick something up 64
Meaning of the dream: favorable opportunities

elevator operator 55
Description: letter on the go

operate 8
Interpretation of the dream: imminent danger

operate a stop 80
Translation: harmful relationships

operate a miracle 4
Dream description: naivety

operate a sick 26
Meaning: change activity

operate the pump 46
Translation of the dream: cycle lucky

peel knee 88
Interpretation: excellent prospects for the job

scrape a knee 88
Sense of the dream: challenging work

cooperative society 63
What does it mean: slight damage

Operating fee 10
Meaning of the dream: important clarifications

kneeling on a grave 4
Description: end to disputes

streetcar operator 28
Interpretation of the dream: ideas that come true

Appendix to operate 58

carotid artery operated 7

Operating closure 18

knee with plague 21

knee with sores 21

wounded knee 32