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Open hall barber. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream open hall barber. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

barber 45
Meaning of the dream: harm and deception

be in a barber 14
Description: indisposition

be a barber 34
Interpretation of the dream: security

to the barber 49
Translation: serene hours

barber's basin 14
Dream description: evil intentions of neighbors

barber shop 8
Meaning: aggressive reactions

a shave from a barber 14
Translation of the dream: many hassles and gossip

barber's apprentice 45
Interpretation: surprise in love

Barber that hurts 54
Sense of the dream: psychological stress

Barber shaving 4
What does it mean: limited views

Barber makes hair 4
Meaning of the dream: a pleasant surprise

Barber makes calluses 49
Description: You do something nice to your love

Hall 6
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity at home

barber cuts hair or shaves 13
Translation: loss for those who dream, profit for the person in the dream

to wait in the hall 32
Dream description: quarrels

hall of office 4
Meaning: erroneous opinions

hall of a hospital 42
Translation of the dream: good health

city ​​Hall 46
Interpretation: overspending

town hall 57
Sense of the dream: Slowly you will reach your goal

be or see a music-hall 39
What does it mean: Friends will help

dance hall 22
Meaning of the dream: emotional problems

concert hall 23
Description: strong character and determination

empty hall 50
Interpretation of the dream: loss

public hall 1
Translation: economic difficulties

illuminated hall 34
Dream description: Understanding emotional

Great Hall 51
Meaning: strong contrasts

hall of hotel 69
Translation of the dream: restlessness and nervousness

hall lighting 81
Interpretation: the hide something will be discovered

closed hall 54
Sense of the dream: sad separation

publication in town hall 62
What does it mean: useful meetings

open 81
Meaning of the dream: disillusion loving

open the eyes 29
Description: disillusion loving

open your mouth 3
Interpretation of the dream: vanity punished

open arms 27
Translation: fights with enemies

open the window 35
Dream description: Good news coming

open shutters 18
Meaning: serious danger averted

open a book 64
Translation of the dream: purchase of favors

open a safe 56
Interpretation: waste of money

open a chest 44
Sense of the dream: protections for the elderly

open a letter 24
What does it mean: hopes dashed

open wardrobe 9
Meaning of the dream: next ailments

mouth open 86
Description: continuous contrasts

not being able to open the mouth 53
Interpretation of the dream: recklessness in danger

open the hatch 13
Translation: new possibilities in work

open gate 16
Dream description: major changes

open the drawer 8
Meaning: money refund

open the latch 67
Translation of the dream: lucky in love