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Open grave bones. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream open grave bones. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

open grave 77
Meaning of the dream: regret

fossil bones 16
Description: initiative risky

human bones 66
Interpretation of the dream: loss of a loved one

bury bones 78
Translation: misfortune

bones of dead 32
Dream description: pains and hardships

Stake bones 61
Meaning: wishes that come true

gnaw bones 46
Translation of the dream: certain ruin

find bones 75
Interpretation: painful contrasts

broken bones 67
Sense of the dream: business disruption

animal bones 56
What does it mean: work hard

bones of men 66
Meaning of the dream: death of girls

grave with tombstones 58
Description: useful information

open shutters 18
Interpretation of the dream: serious danger averted

grave with lit candles 90
Translation: decisive event

niche with grave 26
Dream description: difficult projects

kneeling on a grave 4
Meaning: end to disputes

build a tomb 4
Translation of the dream: loss of friends

vein open 18
Interpretation: need of rest

incest serious accidents 37
Sense of the dream: ruin

open suitcase 87
What does it mean: good chance

open house 6
Meaning of the dream: funeral

open door 68
Description: harmony of relationships

desecrate a grave 78
Interpretation of the dream: serious separation

fall into the grave 56
Translation: misery, ruin

grave with flowers 52
Dream description: better future

visit the grave 44
Meaning: regrets unnecessary

assignment grave 53
Translation of the dream: satisfaction and joy

cypresses on a grave 20
Interpretation: impediments and delays

sepulcher 49
Sense of the dream: sadness

open eyes 79
What does it mean: right insights

put in the grave, bury 42
Meaning of the dream: false joy

open arms 27
Description: fights with enemies

fish bones 1
Interpretation of the dream: problems passengers

building open 56
Translation: career advancement

open furniture 14
Dream description: thoughtlessness

mouth open 86
Meaning: continuous contrasts

dress open 70
Translation of the dream: happy coexistence

wreathe tomb 85
Interpretation: help from a friend

break open doors 8
Sense of the dream: misunderstanding in the family

open prison 46
What does it mean: you are the victim of gossip

open safe 15
Meaning of the dream: mild illness

shelf open 32
Description: plenty of money

church open 13
Interpretation of the dream: long life and abundance

open window 43
Translation: increasing business

open sore 54
Dream description: vain illusions

open letter 29
Meaning: closed nature

family grave 11
Translation of the dream: unfounded fears

codpiece open 35
Interpretation: naive and sincere person

tomb with coffins 2
Sense of the dream: vitality and energy

eyelid open 40
What does it mean: curiosity

open cage 59
Meaning of the dream: gain

scar open 2
Description: danger passed

see close the grave 86
Interpretation of the dream: new relationships

open door with the key 1
Translation: good business

burial tomb 79
Dream description: important news

ancient tomb 64
Meaning: measures to be taken

eyes wide open 24
Translation of the dream: amorous passion

open umbrella 43
Interpretation: adaptability and fortune

marble tomb 29
Sense of the dream: Action misdirected

stone tomb 56
What does it mean: lack of reflection