Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

on a sapphire brooch

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: on a sapphire brooch

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64 on a sapphire brooch
small malaise

58 brooch
despotic character

12 gold brooch
period of disagreement

42 silver brooch
new experiences

72 brooch with coral
hazardous activities

83 brooch false
success in the future

56 lose brooch
presumption exaggerated

76 buy a brooch
ambitious desires

15 give the brooch
union lucky

54 topaz on a brooch
ticklish situation

5 find a brooch
family trouble

77 brooch with precious stones
provocation not collect

3 sapphire
block and understanding of your unconscious

9 sapphire not mounted
distrust of relatives

90 sapphire mounted

30 sapphire on a ring
intuition wrong

17 on a sapphire necklace
moral force

69 fake sapphire
physical endurance

81 buy a sapphire
economic concerns

4 give a sapphire
to overcome indecision

72 losing a sapphire
actions turbulent

31 stealing a sapphire
waivers to do

50 commit a sapphire
fighting spirit

18 find a sapphire
trouble with family

71 receive a sapphire
fallacious illusions

57 sell sapphire
difficult and challenging