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Olives sale. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream olives sale. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

olives in oil 42
Meaning of the dream: disappointment with a letter

eating olives 62
Description: advantageous offer to be accepted

collect olives 34
Interpretation of the dream: good success

buy olives 71
Translation: sudden emotion

green olives 29
Dream description: good health

rattle off the olives 10
Meaning: would you change your life

olives 58
Translation of the dream: fortune

black olives 12
Interpretation: embarrassing reports

olives on the tree 52
Sense of the dream: contract benefit

bring olives to the mill 58
What does it mean: instant success

pick olives 70
Meaning of the dream: good job performance

collect olives from the ground 21
Description: uncontrolled reactions

capers and olives 10
Interpretation of the dream: Liberation from concerns

bag of olives 9
Translation: serene privacy

see pick olives 26
Dream description: solutions difficult

sale 31
Meaning: benevolence won

Cut olives 13
Translation of the dream: resentments and jealousies

forced sale 59
Interpretation: wrongdoing

open sale 41
Sense of the dream: surprises and gifts

voluntary sale 6
What does it mean: jealousy absurd

judicial sale 19
Meaning of the dream: unexpected changes

put on sale 2
Description: dangerous temptations

approve a sale 44
Interpretation of the dream: endure the fate with resignation

complete a sale 28
Translation: prudence with documents

bargain sale 16
Dream description: loss to the game

commission for a sale 43
Meaning: new ideas

sale for balance 85
Translation of the dream: reflection and wisdom

make a good sale 63
Interpretation: need for patience

auction sale 54
Sense of the dream: everything will be for the better

furniture for sale 80
What does it mean: improvement in business

watchmaker selling 86
Meaning of the dream: small losses

blessed olive 78
Description: promising business

sell coins 58
Interpretation of the dream: setback in work or in business

olive burned 15
Translation: doubts tormenting

wild olive 57
Dream description: health improvement

olive black 2
Meaning: rapid changes

selling horses 38
Translation of the dream: practical intelligence

sell wholesale 33
Interpretation: morbid fantasies

sale of gold 22
Sense of the dream: initiatives to be put off

olive oil 9
What does it mean: good business and health

sell fruit 85
Meaning of the dream: harmonious understanding with family

coal selling 10
Description: intense movement

Sicilian olive 65
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

Olive Gaeta 21
Translation: your greed you enemies of attorney

olive grove 39
Dream description: great novelty and fortune

olive complexion 48
Meaning: jealousy and intrigue

olive branch 11
Translation of the dream: substantial gains

selling sausages 21
Interpretation: instincts unchecked

sales contract 65
Sense of the dream: frankness and generosity

selling guitar 17
What does it mean: difficult task

selling resin 17
Meaning of the dream: sentimental projects

sell fish 13
Description: gradual improvement

planting olive trees 42
Interpretation of the dream: positive solution of a deal