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Olive tree large. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream olive tree large. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

olive tree 11
Meaning of the dream: remarkable accomplishments

prune the olive tree 84
Description: surprises from relatives

wild olive 57
Interpretation of the dream: health improvement

planting olive trees 42
Translation: positive solution of a deal

olive branch 11
Dream description: substantial gains

olive burned 15
Meaning: doubts tormenting

blessed olive 78
Translation of the dream: promising business

large clock 87
Interpretation: decline of luck

large kitchen 17
Sense of the dream: days in a bad mood

large suitcase 1
What does it mean: fallacious illusions

olives on the tree 52
Meaning of the dream: contract benefit

large animal 87
Description: quarrels that will end up in good

large mirror 81
Interpretation of the dream: changing character and quirky

olive oil 9
Translation: good business and health

large and appetizing hamburger 4
Dream description: economic waste

large parking 32
Meaning: focus and determination in your actions

large boiler 40
Translation of the dream: win-win situation

olive black 2
Interpretation: rapid changes

large picture window 80
Sense of the dream: spiritual understanding

large handkerchief 70
What does it mean: momentary embarrassments

big 15
Meaning of the dream: dangerous quarrels with elderly

large apartment 21
Description: discord in the family

big flame 6
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassments

Sicilian olive 65
Translation: waste of money

large tray 24
Dream description: order and responsibility

large pot 43
Meaning: desire for love

large crystal 17
Translation of the dream: conquest of goods

large sculpture 17
Interpretation: lack of enthusiasm

large bar 27
Sense of the dream: novelty from a letter

big bird 39
What does it mean: great fortune

big nipple 10
Meaning of the dream: ephemeral relationships

large print 27
Description: unpleasant tasks

see strong ribs and large 88
Interpretation of the dream: luck in marriage

candle big 83
Translation: unnecessary worries

large parrot 19
Dream description: little annoyances

large chest 90
Meaning: professional achievements

large glass 43
Translation of the dream: magnanimous feelings

large bubble 76
Interpretation: harbinger of doom

large bunch 7
Sense of the dream: joy

large umbrella 5
What does it mean: willingness constructive

coat too big 2
Meaning of the dream: unjustified suspicions

large family 75
Description: important protections

large chandelier 26
Interpretation of the dream: industry hard but honorable

large coffee 88
Translation: your wishes will be fulfilled

big church 53
Dream description: consolation and joy

big room 64
Meaning: statement in family

possession of large unlimited 25
Translation of the dream: pleasure, joy, wealth in proportion to the extension of the earth

hound large 12
Interpretation: emotional satisfaction

big tongue 45
Sense of the dream: dangers that come from people friends or family

large pool 64
What does it mean: clarity of vision

Olive Gaeta 21
Meaning of the dream: your greed you enemies of attorney

big boil 54
Description: claiming entitlement